Japanese PlayStation 2 Shipments End: Hail to the King

"After nearly 13 years in production, Sony today announced that PlayStation 2 shipments in Japan have stopped. ...I feel like a part of me just died." -Game Revolution reminisces.

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Snookies121938d ago

Perfect person to salute the finale for the PS2...

dbjj120881938d ago

Yeah that picture choice is priceless.

knifefight1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

From the article: "My father handed me $400, in part as a birthday gift and in part for not being in jail or flipping vehicles. I already knew what I was going to get. I drove to the mall and grabbed a PlayStation 2, Shadow of Destiny, and a DVD of some freaky anime porn. It was the best birthday of my life."

Cheers to that.

And cheers to the memories PS2 brought us all. Rest in peace, old friend.

dbjj120881938d ago

Can't think of a better way to spend $400.

j-blaze1938d ago

hail to the king indeed, ps2 is one of the greatest consoles ever made and my personal favorite, man i really miss the days when Japan ruled the games industry we got awesome triple A Japanese games "JRPGs, suvival horror, action, driving sims...etc" on that console but now Sony seems to have lost that charm with ps3... FPS games everywhere and they depend heavily on their western first party games, i mean yeah there are "some" great Japanese games like 4 or 5 *sigh*

Hicken1938d ago

You ruin a lot of your comments with stupidity, you know that? What could have been a pretty nice remark about your memories with the PS2 turned into some ignorance about how Japanese games are better.

It's pretty pathetic.

I mean sure, most of my favorite games on most consoles are Japanese. My 20+ year-old fetish for Japanese women starts from when I was in kindergarten. And I'm a huge fan of anime and manga. But I also count games like Killzone and Uncharted among my favorites. And I've dated more white AND black girls than Japanese. And some of my favorite shows and comics of all time are American, or Western at the least.

See, you can have a love for all things Japanese without turning into a douche like you... well, maybe YOU can't, but I'd chalk that up to ignorance.

Anyway, this is only saying that shipment in Japan has stopped. That means there are still plenty of other places in the world that will be able to buy brand new PS2s.

It's not over yet!

Lord_Ranos1938d ago

I really hope you're right man. =/

I miss so much my old ps2... v_v'

SilentNegotiator1937d ago

You never waste an opportunity to crap on the ps3 in specific....

landog1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

man, the ps2 is such an excellent console, I bought one for my wife about 2 years ago, (we had one long ago and traded it in like dummies when we got a ps3)

went out and bought her the component cables and a samsung flat tube tv (ps2 looks AWFUL on our hd sets)

we have over 50 games, she loves playing them to this day, personally i like playing them on my pc, with pcsx2 i just pop them in my pc dvd slot and play in 1080p with 8x aa at 60 frames with my 360 controller

she likes playing them the way they were, she says you can't play ps2 games with a 360 controller....sacrilige

I might have to buy one and just keep it in the box, for emergency....

ps2 is my favorite console ever made, ps3 is second, then 360, then xbox1, then super nintendo

but truthfully, i love them all

cannot wait for ps4 and xbox720, probably get a wii u too when there are 5 or so must have games for me.

love games, of any type! thats my motto!

Dno1938d ago

makes sense they of course stopped because the ps4 is coming. they aare already making psp vita and ps3 and ps2.

Now they drop the pstwo and replace it with 4 soon.

Godchild10201938d ago

They drop support now in japan and about a year later, we see the next PlayStation console in Japan. Then we will hear that they stopped in the North America and Europe, right before the launch or maybe a year as well.

I think it makes sense and gives retailers enough time to clear some space.

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The story is too old to be commented.