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Japanese PlayStation 2 Shipments End: Hail to the King

"After nearly 13 years in production, Sony today announced that PlayStation 2 shipments in Japan have stopped. ...I feel like a part of me just died." -Game Revolution reminisces. (Industry, PS2, Retro, Sony)

Snookies12  +   975d ago
Perfect person to salute the finale for the PS2...
dbjj12088  +   974d ago
Yeah that picture choice is priceless.
knifefight  +   975d ago
From the article: "My father handed me $400, in part as a birthday gift and in part for not being in jail or flipping vehicles. I already knew what I was going to get. I drove to the mall and grabbed a PlayStation 2, Shadow of Destiny, and a DVD of some freaky anime porn. It was the best birthday of my life."

Cheers to that.

And cheers to the memories PS2 brought us all. Rest in peace, old friend.
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dbjj12088  +   974d ago
Can't think of a better way to spend $400.
j-blaze  +   975d ago
hail to the king indeed, ps2 is one of the greatest consoles ever made and my personal favorite, man i really miss the days when Japan ruled the games industry we got awesome triple A Japanese games "JRPGs, suvival horror, action, driving sims...etc" on that console but now Sony seems to have lost that charm with ps3... FPS games everywhere and they depend heavily on their western first party games, i mean yeah there are "some" great Japanese games like 4 or 5 *sigh*
Hicken  +   975d ago
You ruin a lot of your comments with stupidity, you know that? What could have been a pretty nice remark about your memories with the PS2 turned into some ignorance about how Japanese games are better.

It's pretty pathetic.

I mean sure, most of my favorite games on most consoles are Japanese. My 20+ year-old fetish for Japanese women starts from when I was in kindergarten. And I'm a huge fan of anime and manga. But I also count games like Killzone and Uncharted among my favorites. And I've dated more white AND black girls than Japanese. And some of my favorite shows and comics of all time are American, or Western at the least.

See, you can have a love for all things Japanese without turning into a douche like you... well, maybe YOU can't, but I'd chalk that up to ignorance.

Anyway, this is only saying that shipment in Japan has stopped. That means there are still plenty of other places in the world that will be able to buy brand new PS2s.

It's not over yet!
Shadow Haze501  +   975d ago
I really hope you're right man. =/

I miss so much my old ps2... v_v'
SilentNegotiator  +   974d ago
You never waste an opportunity to crap on the ps3 in specific....
landog  +   975d ago
man, the ps2 is such an excellent console, I bought one for my wife about 2 years ago, (we had one long ago and traded it in like dummies when we got a ps3)

went out and bought her the component cables and a samsung flat tube tv (ps2 looks AWFUL on our hd sets)

we have over 50 games, she loves playing them to this day, personally i like playing them on my pc, with pcsx2 i just pop them in my pc dvd slot and play in 1080p with 8x aa at 60 frames with my 360 controller

she likes playing them the way they were intended...lol...whatever, she says you can't play ps2 games with a 360 controller....sacrilige

I might have to buy one and just keep it in the box, for emergency....

ps2 is my favorite console ever made, ps3 is second, then 360, then xbox1, then super nintendo

but truthfully, i love them all

cannot wait for ps4 and xbox720, probably get a wii u too when there are 5 or so must have games for me.

love games, of any type! thats my motto!
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Dno  +   975d ago
makes sense they of course stopped because the ps4 is coming. they aare already making psp vita and ps3 and ps2.

Now they drop the pstwo and replace it with 4 soon.
Godchild1020  +   975d ago
They drop support now in japan and about a year later, we see the next PlayStation console in Japan. Then we will hear that they stopped in the North America and Europe, right before the launch or maybe a year as well.

I think it makes sense and gives retailers enough time to clear some space.
g-nome  +   975d ago
Mine still working fine after 11 yrs , with original controller. Beast of a machine.
ILive  +   975d ago
Mine too. It's really one of the best consoles ever made. I even still have my original Xbo-very strong console. Nothing will ever replace the memories that came with the ps2.
RmanX1000  +   974d ago
Had a launch day PS2. Son of a gun ran perfectly til about a month ago. One of the best systems i owned, ever.
zerocrossing  +   975d ago
The PS2 was an amazing, unforgetablec console, offering some of the best games to ever grace ones living room.

RIP old friend.
Godchild1020  +   975d ago
I really wish Sony would bring back some of their old franchises and even get some of the third party developers to bring back their games to the PS3, Vita and their next console. If they add in cross-buy, I sure it will sell.
animegamingnerd  +   975d ago
the PS2 is hands down my favorite game console and i am pretty sure there will never be a console that can ever be as good as ever again the closet i would say is the SNES but other then that no console has manage to have great first party and third party exclusives
ILive  +   975d ago
Yeah, it's like the Michael Jackson of consoles.
Y_5150  +   974d ago
To me the PS3 top the PS2. This is coming someone who missed out on some great game on the PS2 era but I did played all the GTAs on the system and played my favorite FPS ever! When I got my PS3 on the year of late 2009 that change my life. The PS3 has some of my favorite series of all time and HD collections has made it so I can enjoy the PS2 series that I missed out on in glorious HD!
chukamachine  +   975d ago
Should have dropped support awhile back, would have helped PS3 sales more.
Prcko  +   975d ago
Cam977  +   975d ago
I have very, very fond memories of my Dad handing me The Simpsons Hit And Run on Chistmas day, 2003; I also have great memories of playing it alongside the Ratchet And Clank series, The Sims games, Tomb Raider games and Just Cause (I was too young to play GRAND THEFT AUTO). Even that is jus scraping the surface of this fantastic console! Also worthy of a mention are the old CODs, MOHs, SHs, REs, ICO/SOTC, J&D and Splintet Cell. Good times!

Rest in peace indeed.
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easternbalboa  +   975d ago
Dont know why but this news has got me emotional
Blastoise  +   974d ago
The PS2 just had it all
bladesofagony  +   974d ago
BLACK really showed how powerful PS2 was back in the day, guess it was the last game i ever played on it and oh boy what a delight it was
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iNathan  +   974d ago
To the Best Console of all TIME!

Nothing will ever beat Ps2, a True Beast.
KrimsonKody  +   974d ago
Long live PS2!

Boy, the memories I have with that system;
From playing awesome imported games & imported animes
All night battle sessions with Tekken 3
Playing FFVII 'til the sun came up (that's how you knew it was time to quit the game, lol).
Playing imported MvC2 with friends
Such a great console!

I think before they quit running PS2s, Sony should create a final collectors edition console.
I would be too cool!
I would have to buy 2.
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Shuyin  +   974d ago
PS2 + TimeSplitters 2 - 4 player coop
Enuff said.

Also, over 500 hours on FFX.

I'll miss you, homeboy. You walked by me my whole childhood :).
And yeah, Jack really is the perfect person to salute to its end.
younglj01  +   974d ago
PS2 brought me my best christmas surprise ever.I'll never forget waking up on christmas morning seeing an huge brown box.Ran towards the box with an big smile on my face.When I opened it i started too cry because it was full of nothing but clothes.My mother just told me too look at all my clothes too see if i could wear them.While tears flowing down my face the deeper I got into the box.I finally hit gaming gold I had an brand new PS2 with about 20 games.After seeing that it was real I ran to my mother and kissed her and told her i loved her.

PS2 gave me the best christmas ever and you will be missed.
Tetsujin  +   974d ago
FF 11 and Socom 2 were the reasons why I went to online gaming.

I'm waiting on a final word from Sony stating ALL Territories are no longer receiving shipments before I give a final farewell.
fresh2death93  +   974d ago
GTA San Andreas was the best ps2 game of all time.

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