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Submitted by Theyellowflash30 1137d ago | opinion piece

How Should Sony Price the PS4 Relative to the Wii U & Xbox 720?

Next generation is right around the corner for Microsoft and Sony, as Nintendo has already released their next generation system. The PS4, Wii U, and Xbox 720 will all host great games, but one of the keys to being successful in the console market is Price. Unsurprisingly, price can dictate a console generation and swing an unfavorable console at the beginning (PS3 2006), to a favorable spot by the generations ends (PS3 2013). Sony has clearly learned their lesson from the initial launches of the PSP and PS3. However, for the PS4 the price needs to be right. The Wii U is already nearing 2 million units sold, and the Xbox brand is immensely popular in the US. Although we don’t know the final specs or features of the PS4 or Xbox 720, where do you guys think Sony needs to price the PS4 when stacked up against the competition? (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Valve Software, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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jujubee88  +   1137d ago
If they have a low priced model for around 399 bucks, I would buy the PS4 at launch.

Hopefully, they also make a low priced bundle with VITA+PS4 so more people can get into cross-play, cross-buy, cross-save, etc.
-Superman-  +   1137d ago
Americans always buys what is cheapest, while us, europeans we dont care about price, but we care who has best console and quality.
Well, in Japan name is better.

Sony really should make PS4 what that has low cost, but when they sell they get profit. PS3 problem was that it cost more but they sold consoles cheaper than making cost and it´s big loss.
ChickeyCantor  +   1137d ago
It's not that we don't care. It's that we don't have a choice. Our prices are rigged. And need to lay down heavy prices while in other places it's dirt cheap.

To say we don't care about prices is nonsense. We Europeans don't have magical money making trees. Money is still money and we can't just spend it.

If we like something we save up for it. Just like any other person.
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Hingle_Mcringleberry  +   1137d ago
Thats that BS right there! iPhone, iPad, iPod are not the cheapest but Americans buy those in droves. Don't come here and spew that nonsense just because PS3 is last in the US.
nirwanda  +   1137d ago
Consoles should aways be a loss making machine in the early days that way you make sure they last a long time, the main reason sony made a loss compared to MS was the expenive blu ray drives and XDR memory that the main stream pc never used
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1137d ago
I for one will just never understand why people from other countries have this persistent desire to bash all things american.
what youre saying is borderline nonsense..
America is an extremely consumer-heavy region. Much more so than any EU country as a matter of fact. to say that "americans dont pay for quality" makes no sense, and you need to see that there are several examples which favor either side of that argument.
But i suppose this is the trend the internet seems to be following nowadays. Bash America as much as you can because it makes you look awesome and cultured to people on the internet!

no offense to you personally.
Knight_Crawler  +   1137d ago
" europeans we dont care about price, "

Is that why the EURO is turning to chicken feed and why some europrean countries who adpated the EURO regret it and want out.

One currency to rule them all my arse.
dantesparda  +   1137d ago

No American pays full price for those devices, everybody gets them subsidized. So the most people usually pay for them is $200 or less.
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MikeMyers  +   1137d ago
Americans always buys what is cheapest? Is that why the iPad sold so poorly against other tablets? Americans have bought the Playstation One and PS2 more than what Nintendo offered for less price. So don't be upset just because the PS3 failed to give Sony the Triple Crown. Even in Japan the PS3 hasn't reached the same success the PS2 or PS1 did. So is everyone cheap?

As for the PS4, Sony will likely take a more conservative approach. The PS3 and the Vita were educational for Sony who tried to offer high end alternatives but cost Sony quite a bit financially. I think we've reached a boiling point for development costs so over the top game consoles with a high price tag may not be a smart idea. Even more so for Sony who is in a mess right now with their stocks now rated at junk.

The Xbox 720 might also add another curve ball out there. They could offer a low cost upfront system like a cellphone where they package a 3 year Live membership and sell it all for $199 with a monthly fee of $9.99.

Sony has said they don't want to be late for the party so 2013 could be a very interesting year. Especially if the Steambox comes out as well.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1137d ago
i agree, im not the richest man in the world but quality matters in a 5 year+ investment. thats why i am buying the ps4 launch day no matter what.
Daoshai   1136d ago | Trolling | show
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1136d ago
Actually name is more important in america than price. Look at ipad! And even though no new games are coming to xbox since 2010's alan wake xbox is still number one in america and cod. Americans most are under the control of marketing and a created perception around a brand imo..
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hazardman  +   1136d ago
i dont consider spending $300-$500 of my hard earned money CHEAP!
aCasualGamer  +   1136d ago
If you want the PS4 to be relevant interms of tech, like i do, then anything below $399 is unrealistic.

I would love to get the PS4 for free, but in reality it's a different matter altogether. My realistic prediction is that it will cost anywhere from $399 to $499. If they go subscription based ala Iphone then it will most likely go for 99$ plus monthly fee, that's not likely though.

I want a beast, tech wise, for nextgen PS4 so i'm willing to save up roughly $499 for it.
Haha123  +   1136d ago
lol sorry mate I didnt buy the ps3 when it was priced at a stupid £425 no games..
Bolts  +   1136d ago
Yeah Euros are rich. That's why so many of their governments are bankrupt am I right kids?
neogeo  +   1136d ago
No. Your 100% wrong. People in all country's buy according to VALUE. If there is not value then no sale. Create enough VALUE and people will buy anything at any price. ipad3 is $800 and it fly's off the shelf. I worked at Magnolia back when best buy enough them out. We have a $8500 TV called the Elite I'm sure you know about it. Guess what, it sells great for the price and we wound even sell out. Why? VALUE!
TheBrownBandito  +   1136d ago
-Superman-  +   1137d ago
In europe:
IPhone 5 16GB price is 530 pounds / 645 euros
Iphone 5 64GB price is 700 pounds / 850 euros
645 euros = 855 us dollars(16GB)
850 euros = 1125 us dollars(64GB)

If you complain that 399 us dollars is too much for gaming console, yet you buy Iphone that cost more then WHERE IS LOGIC??? Why you not complain about mobile phone prices, yet you complain about console price???
torchic  +   1137d ago
but in the video game industry, €1 = $1, very very unfair but that's the reality. we Europeans get ripped the fudge off.

PS3 was $599, and consequently cost €599. games cost $59 and consequently cost €59 (other times €69 even!)

right now the Euro is at it's weakest against the dollar and yet still the conversion isn't €1 = $1
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Hingle_Mcringleberry  +   1137d ago
Says the same guy who just said that Americans buy the cheapest product, using iPhone - one of the most expensive phones- as an example why people can't complain about prices.
nirwanda  +   1137d ago
And android phones are much cheeper even samsung androids outsell apple every year, you can't really compair the games industry to a company who practically own the music industry,
DigitalRaptor  +   1137d ago
@ torchic

I can't speak for the whole of European pricing, but the UK doesn't get it like that. $59 =/= £59

PS3 was £425 at launch. It's ridiculous to think about, but at the same time, people pay more for an iPhone, which is ridiculously overpriced and many of those people might also be the ones buying Xbox 360's and Wii's whilst complaining about PS3's price, so it makes sense really.

I was happy to have waited a couple of years, saved up, paid the £450 for console + GTA IV + MGS4, and know that there were still loads of games I had yet to play. It hurt a little bit to put down that much, but the PS3 had the cheapest Blu-ray drive at the time and is still a pretty flexible home entertainment system. If I would've known the quality of the games up to this point, at that point, the price wouldn't have bothered me AT ALL.

But facing certain realities, I very much doubt that Sony are going to price the PS4 at $599/£425 again.
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dboyc310  +   1137d ago
Think 400$ would be great anything lower will be phenomenal but I will buy it if it started at 400 $. I bought the ps3 at launch so I think 400 $ isnt much.
-Superman-  +   1137d ago
Minium salary is 3500 euros = 4600 us dollars per moth.
Avanager i got 9000 euros per month and its not much.
andibandit  +   1137d ago
stop pulling facts out your ass, nothing of what you've said is true, Oh by the way, i've seen you delivering newspapers around my block...9000 euros, LOL
chak_  +   1136d ago
minimum salary 3500€? Where the hell are you living?

In france it's around 1100€ for 35H a week.

The major part of french earns between 1100 - 1600€ a month. I'm talking about modest persons here, factory workers, education, simple employees.

Then indeed you have 3000/4000/10k salary, but those people just work too much to have time playing video games.
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Jaces  +   1136d ago
Just keep it below $400 and they'll be fine. I think what threw Playstation into a downwards spiral the first couple of months was that $600 price tag. No one had ever paid that much for a gaming system in awhile and with competition that priced lower it was hard to sell without those exclusives we have today.

Let's see how this next year unfolds, exciting for sure!
jujubee88  +   1136d ago
PS4 will be all about the games.
PS3 at $600 was still one of the cheaper Blueray players when it launched in 2006. The next Playstation console (based on early leaks) wont have a new multimedia platform to go off of besides the new types of games. Sony needs their next Playstation console to have an affordable, entry-level SKU whose selling point is pushing games to a wide audience. SCE's agenda for PS4 is clear; to expand the audience so that the types of experiences (you and I) enjoyed with this gen's games can be experienced by an even wider audience with next gen games.

p.s. I want PS4+VITA bundles because cross-buy, cross-play, cross-save, cross-AR and, cross-controller for PS3+VITA are all features which would benefit greatly by debuting on the PS4. Making a (limited edition) $500 bundle with PS4+VITA system and extra dual-shock at launch would push the cross-interaction to more people. If not a lot of people are into it, Sony wont take a hit because it is a limited edition kind of thing.
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wiiulee  +   1137d ago
sony is in position to come in last this generation again no matter what...but the cheaper the system the better instead of listening to silly fanboys hoping for 4k res....price the system at 500 dollars or more and its over for them guaranteed , that would be their last console generation
Theyellowflash30  +   1137d ago
We'll see. If they can convince people of the hidden costs of owning a Xbox 360 ($50 a year to play online) and promote their free service. Sony could come out on top next generation. I'm surprised they don't attack Microsoft more on playing to play online.
LOGICWINS  +   1137d ago
It's been six years and this gen will be over in two years tops. If Sony hasn't convinced the general public by now of the hidden costs of owning a Microsoft console, it will never happen.
MmaFan-Qc  +   1137d ago
between 349$-449$ is a day one purchase for me, if its over 450$, i will wait for a deal.

if peoples think 350$ is too high, hell my graphic card cost me over 570$ so its not THAT costly.
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galgatronth  +   1136d ago
Yeah, that would've worked when their only competition for online was Xbox live. Now we have Nintendo network and I'm sure the Steambox will also have free online.
Mathew9R   1137d ago | Spam
rainslacker  +   1136d ago
I highly doubt either Sony or MS are going to go with 4K. The reason being is that developers just won't use it since it affects such a small fraction of the user base.

I can see a $500 system coming out however. It's not really that much when it comes to a new console that is meant to last 6+ years, and despite what people say the PS3 sold well enough for them early on. There would very likely to be a cheaper SKU however. Coming in too low means they have no wiggle room when competition heats up.

Keep in mind that Sony's system has been the highest price this whole generation until the Wii U(and even then still has a $299 SKU), and it still sells well enough for them. $500 isn't much of a stretch for the next gen, particularly if they deliver the games early, and the tech is substantially better than this gen.

Edit: I'm not saying I think that's a great price, and obviously I would like it cheaper, just that I can see how they can get to $500. Highly doubt they'll try for $600 again though.
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HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1137d ago
Sony is a company that only care about quality I'm not saying is a bad thing but I doubt Sony gonna sell the PS4 for $400 at launch.
LOGICWINS  +   1137d ago
They don't have a choice BUT to sell the PS4 at $399 or less. Anything over that would be suicide.
Qrphe  +   1137d ago
If they managed to sell the PS3 at $500 with a then expensive BR drive , surely they can release a >$400 PS4 now that BR drives don't cost as much as they did.
kneon  +   1137d ago
A read only bluray drive now costs less than $10 to manufacture so it will have no impact on the price. Their most expensive components are going to be cpu, gpu and ram.
USEYOURFIST  +   1137d ago
il be expecting a £399 price tag for the premium version of ps4 and expect a £349 model with smaller hdd, either way il be picking one up day one if theres some good launch games
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zebrahim  +   1137d ago
Damn people! Lol...ps1 launched at 300 dollars 18yrs ago!! Get real...get a job and save...why do we expect to pay so're gonna force Sony to make crap cos they cnt afford the quality based on cheapskate lazy gamers...$700 and you WILL get quality...heck Apple sold gazillions of ipads at extreme prices...otherwise Sony should close their doors rather. Anybody hear of porters five forces? These factors drive up prices...sometimes as gamers we work up our for what you want!
Bladesfist  +   1137d ago
Quality hardware is not what a console is for, if you are that bothered about quality then build a super computer.
rainslacker  +   1136d ago
Sony isn't likely to make a crap device with one of their flagship products. $700 may be extreme though, and many would be hard pressed to defend them on it even if it beat out modestly built computers for the time.

Sony has noticeable competition now, and they kind of ignored that up and coming competition at the beginning of the PS3. They won't make that mistake again.
VonBraunschweigg  +   1137d ago
With a sticker, max 3 digits, bit more for Japan.
hiredhelp  +   1137d ago
UK Base price be eaither 299.99 or 399.99
paranoid1971  +   1137d ago
Free to PSPLUS subscribers would be nice
Indo  +   1137d ago
If some of these PS4/Orbis rumors are true, then releasing the console at $499 would seem realistic. And including a bundle with the Vita would really grab ppl attention as hopefully by then they add more support for the damn thing already. Not to mention the potential loss profit for each machine sold.
akaakaaka  +   1137d ago
A bundle at $600, it's backup compatible with the ps3/2/1, it has accessories a ps move set and a new bigger screen vita..(size of the mini ipad) that is used as wiiu.
There will be a plane simple model at $349 that only include a ds4 control.

The bigger vita will be sold at $150wifi model(is digital only) ($250 4g model for remote play on the go) also plays psn, ps1, ps2, ps3 digital only and downloadable vita games digital only besides remote play for PS4 games.
Sony hire me! Lol

After a a year will drop to $500 and two it will drop to $400 for the bundle bigger vita like and move set.
The basic console with ds4 will also drop from $300 and then after year 2 to $269 with their game of the year 2014 TLOU2 In the holidays.
No more back up compatible after year 2.
Free online
Ps plus $50 yearly
Ps plus dlc access another $50 yearly subscription that gives you access to all dlc for free.

Ok obviously sony is not this smart and this will not happen. LOL

Ok don't eat me people I'm just having fun!
I just hope it comes out next year and it plays smooth lag free online, 4k visuals and less brainwashing propaganda from it by the iluminati..
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nunley33  +   1137d ago
Some good ideas in there and i wouldn't be opposed to a $ 600 system if it was a beast and had full BC, i paid $500 for mine and never regretted it. The $50 unlimited DLC plan is pretty silly and wouldn't happen at $100. Plus will continue to offer select DLC though.
rainslacker  +   1136d ago
I would definitely pay more for a fully BC SKU. One system is better than many under the TV. Dunno about all that other stuff, seems like it could get confusing for the consumer.
Tei777  +   1137d ago
Am I the only person who would buy a $600 console provided it had the tech+ exclusive games to back it up.

Th ps3 had the tech, but good quality exclusives were missing up until MGS4 in summer 2008.
ILive  +   1137d ago
I would pay that much as well if it had the games and tech to back it up. I am guessing that these consoles are going to be around for a while, so it would be best that they are of high quality to be able to last. However, I would really only like to pay $500.
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zebrahim  +   1137d ago
Tei 777 I agree with you 100%......unemployed gamers want cheap tech. I say they should buy a ps2 or stick with their PS3. Give me high end tech for 600 bux any day.
cedaridge  +   1137d ago
Sony should keep the ps4 around $399. If you really just look back at the ps3 for what it offer out of the box, it was just ok! Because of the price point they took away features such as BC, for Audio preference: ps3 ONLY decode in PCM (which gives the illusion that Bluray is doin its job), no cross game chat, and the XMB was boring. As far as graphics I can't deny ps3 had and still have some of the best lookin games on the console. But I have to admit despite the RROD period xbox 360 have held it DOWN. Xbox 360 Dolby Digital movies & games goes HAM! Now what I don't like about the xbox is the pay for online and batteries suck up juice like a "crack head." Sony won in the ps2 days, microsoft won this gen HANDS DOWN, now its a tie who will win next next gen?
ILive  +   1137d ago
How did Microsoft win this gen? Also, whatdoes the xmb have to do with playing games?
Ezz2013  +   1137d ago
"microsoft won this gen HANDS DOWN"

how ??
*********"What do the sales chart tell YOU each year or on a month to month bases "***********

lol you are useing vgchartes as your source XD
it outsold by Ps3 worldwide
and now they are tied at 70m
get your facts right

it's no where near ps3 when it come to exclusives and new ips...also look at the reviews and awards

psn+ just better in every way possible then live
200-300$ worth of games you get for free every month on psn+
what live have to offer better than this ??

so again how MS won this gen and this gen isn't over ??!!

i know N4G is over run by xbox fanboys who will give me fairy disagrees and yet no one will back it up
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Daoshai  +   1136d ago
yeah n4g is overrun by xbox fanboys. lol

Am I in bizarro world?
baodeus  +   1136d ago

1. Why don't you listed the $200-$300 worth of free games each month since ps+ was introduce so that people understand the value of PS+?

2. Why don't you compile a list of xclusives ( in detail like actually lookingg up online, not just base off of your head) both xbox and ps3 so people can see what you mean. Would that be more convincing?

3. Any fact to support your claim that N4G ran by xbox fanboy?
MysticStrummer  +   1136d ago
A near tie for 2nd place is a hands down win? lol
smashcrashbash  +   1136d ago
Microsoft won this gen hands down? I don't know what dimension you came from but Microsoft never out distanced the PS3 or passed the Wii in sales and launched with a broken console that took three years to fix and only weren't kicked in the @$$ for doing so because they managed to con their way out of it and people were to dumb to realize that they did and launched a pointless gimmick with a bunch of lame,pointless games were most of them barely sold above a million and got low scores.So that is winning now? So I suppose if Sony launches a PlayStation that burns down your house and they weasel out of it and make a gimmick even more pointless then Kinect I suppose they will win too right?
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cedaridge  +   1137d ago
@ILive. The XMB was the last of my point I will not explain why (You know What I Mean). How have microsoft won you ask? What do the sales chart tell YOU each year or on a month to month bases? Ps3 have had all kind of Exclusives to come out but were are they today? Microsoft do 1 or 2 a year but they still sale console. I could go on and on but why? I'm not sayin ps3 is dead or wack but for the price point of $599. Have YOU really really been impressed? Now I respect you callin me out Now back at YOU. What your prob with what I said? and did you pay for a $599.00 ps3 back then? I DID!
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zebrahim  +   1137d ago
Cedaridge....ps3 psn and top exclusives....well worth it...otherwise go buy an ipad for 600 dollars....u get so little value there....
mdkgod43  +   1137d ago
i dont care how much the ps4 will be i work and have money if its 599 i will be buying 2 at launch, all u guys here are broke an have no jobs thats y u complain about prices lol
vlonjati77  +   1137d ago
mdkgod43 - I agree.I can afford it too at people wil always be cheap.
I bought a 3d 55' TV july for $2200 ,good friend of mine(he is really cheap lol) said 'i will buy one too but only if it is 1000,doesnt have to be 3d just a good tv (he has a crappy tv) I found him a deal for 1000 he said its too much.2weeks later i found him another deal for $740.too much he said i will wait a couple of years to buy it really cheep.I told him to F off cheap bastard.
what bugs me its that all the time he is like I will buy this i will buy that and nothing.personally if i wanna buy something i will.
mdkgod43  +   1137d ago
i agree (vlonjati77) if you want someone buy it, yes it will be cheaper down the road but there will be new tech and if ur like me u dont wanna be left behind, im excited to see what E3 brings next year an i hope they show the ps4 im dyin for a new console lol
cedaridge  +   1137d ago
@Ezz2013. 1st you need to read my post. I am not a fanboy like you. I have a ps3. You spoke of Exclusives? Tell me how many of those Exclusives measure up to Halo? Go ahead I give you uncharted to go with that. How you know what stats I'm lookin up? Hell you are doin the same. Lol. Ips ill give you that and maybe the ps4 will breath new life into those IP's you speak about.PSN +? Next gen ain't over is correct BUT u really think Microsoft is going to dump the xb360 cause the xb720 is out? You love the ps3 and that's cool but I invest $ into the ps3 so I can give my opinion. @Zebrahim. "UNEMPLOYED GAMERS WANT CHEAP TECH?" Now that wasn't RESPECTFULL was it? Especially with the economy suffering. I need not say anymore to you your DISAGREES/Backlash will come. @mdgod43 You are also DISSRESPECTFULL. You might not care but TOO other ppl struggling THEY do care. It not about being cheap WE WANT MORE BANG FOR OUR $. And i get disagrees? im out.
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Saigon  +   1136d ago

Stop looking at sales and look at the quality of the exclusive. Just because a game sales 5 million does not mean it was a success. One example is Sony exclusive inFamous, great title, not much at sales but the quality was in game. With that it created a new gaming serious and a new type of hero. Sony is know for out of the box video games, or should I say new IPs. One reason why I will be going after Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch from Level 5. Its the quality of the game.

One more thing, please use that reply button below each of the response, when you create a new thread post it looks like you are talking to your self.
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MasterCornholio  +   1137d ago
399€ is cheap enough to compete with the Wii U and the 720. I dont believe that Sony will go nuts with specs and produce a console that will cost over 500€ because with this crisis it would be a dumb thing to do.
rapidturtle  +   1137d ago
Try and make it $50 less than M$'s new machine, advertise the hell out of the value factor (including free PSN VS $60 for xbox live), and Sony could regain it's dominance in America.
millzy102  +   1137d ago
ideally £400 or less would be good for the market however ill buy one at launch anyway, I saved £400 in a month for my wii u and game (i get paid weekly) so 5 or 6 hundred won't take me too long to save but not every one has that much spare money (especially in europe) so 400 would be a good mark for the economy. also I want 5 year life cycles again it was working all through out gaming history till 360 and ps3. I hate how long last generation was/ still is.
bozebo  +   1136d ago
If you hate the length of console generations, don't buy a console. It's only going to get longer.
1upgamer99  +   1137d ago
I am not sure, but I have a feeling that the new consoles may follow the "contract" purchase option. Like the $99 Xbox with a 2 year agreement to live. Its just a guess. That is how many people buy their new smart phones. Like I got my $600 + dollar phone for $10 bucks with my agreement. I could be dead wrong, but I am just guessing.
bozebo  +   1136d ago
That's an interesting thought. Consoles already work almost like that though, when you buy a game you are paying a little bit to whoever's console it is on.

Retailers can sell things on finance anyway though, it's not really Sony's concern.
taijutsu363  +   1137d ago
If they are smart $300-$400 MAX! Preferably $300! lol But they just sold the SUPER slim for $300 so Im seeing its going to be $400!

*fingers crossed*
Thepcz  +   1137d ago
pricing themselves out of the market is what sony do best
so expect a £500 price tag.

i waited until 2011 to get my ps3, and even then the price was still a bit too high
Riderz1337  +   1137d ago
Higher than the Wii U but lower than the Xbox.
pedroyamato   1137d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   1136d ago
* Wii U = $350

* Xbox 720 = $350-450

* PS4 = $450-550

just my guess though. I could see Sony making their base model price the same as Xbox's though.

But from what I understand, an extra $50 isn't going to turn away people who are already PS fans.
BitbyDeath  +   1136d ago
$100 dollars is a big difference tech wise, what do you think Sony will have that'll boost the price, just more powerful or something else?
5eriously  +   1136d ago
Quality, look at the PS3 exclusives as well as the media capabilities BD and then there is PSn+
GraveLord  +   1136d ago
Of course.

Right now Sony barely released an affordable 12gig PS3 for Europe. They should do the same for PS4, but at launch.
metroidfusion2  +   1136d ago
Going off of rumors the basic 720 and ps4 will be 30 0and the ones with the extra stuff will be 500 and no one knows anything about them or when they are coming out so once again going off of rumors the 720 will come out in 2013 or 2014 and the ps4 wil come out in 2013 or 2014 or 2016 and remember both the 360 and ps3 will be supported at least until 2015 but now I'm going off of somewhat facts there is an xbox 720 game coming out in 2014 and a multiplat game for the ps4 and 720 and wii u called HUMAN ELEMENT coming out in 2015 so the 720 will possibly come out in 2013 and the ps4 2014 and that shuts everyone up who said the wii u wont get ps4 and 720 ports and the stupid bakas who think the 720 and ps4 will be uber powerful ha lol and the 720 and ps4 should be doing native 720p and native 1080p and 60fps but going off of rumors they might be at 30fps and yes the wii u already has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games I'm sure its getting more and of course I can't wait to see what all of nintendos first party titles look like in native 720 or native 1080p and 60fps and ports down the line and 3rd party multiplats and 3rd party exclusives and the many surprises and no one knows how much stronger the wii u is then last gen but I will wait for a full spec sheet and even then I don't care and don't know much about specs but I will read the comments and see who knpws what they are talking about but since the wii u is launching with games that have took years of development on the other consoles looking as good or better with all or almost all of the dlc and exclusive content and of course doing things this gen can't that is definitely next gen to me and I will definitely be getting more wii u games soon and my little bro will probably get games he wants too and unlike so many people I am giving the wii u a chance and will see what's to come and continue doing my research and know the facts and fuck reviews and what anyone else says about the games and stuff if I like it then I will probably get it
EverydayGuy  +   1136d ago
Probably $400 since Sony already said they don't want to release a console at the price that the PS3 launch at. What made the PS3 cost so much was the Cell development, Blu ray drives, and the XDR ram. Since they bought the manufacturing plant of the Cell from IBM, and Blu Ray success, the entry price for the PS4 should be less.
BitbyDeath  +   1136d ago
MS might be the most expensive nextgen if the rumours are right about Kinect 2 being bundled with each console.
masterBLUME  +   1136d ago
I have wii u ,ps3, amd xbox 360 .After this gen of Microsoft nickel and diming me for xbox live and hard drives that are only made by them I won't be buying the next xbox. Not to mention the two times I have sent one of my xbox in for repair. I have 2 ps3 and 2 360's. Nintendo has something good with the wii u. The original wii was crap in my opinion. I also have 2 of those. I don't care what the next playstation costs I will buy it because Microsoft wont get any of my gaming money
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