10 Games That Are Bordering on Physically Addictive

WC writes: Below is a list of games that have proven to be the most difficult to escape the grip of, and if the video game opposition had their way, would be top of a list of banned substances. Most of these games are great – they have to be in order to ensure the gamers keep coming back for more. I prescribe that you should only expose yourself to these games twice daily, and avoid spicy food, because you’ll be sat in one place for a long time.

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GreenRanger1970d ago

No Disgaea games?!
No Oblivion?!

Godmars2901970d ago

I use to have a horrible Tetris addiction.

Fixed it by slamming the cart against a wall.

Hicken1970d ago

Let's give Zodiac a "Helpful" bubble before he's alternately marked for "Spam."

I really don't get why that happens: none of us wants to click through a dozen pages for a ten-item list, but when somebody does so and posts the content for the rest of us, they're marked as Spam?

Thank you, Zodiac, for taking one for the team.

sonicsidewinder1969d ago

Who in the devil would DO such a thing!?

god_mode1964d ago

It kills exactly what this site is about. Sites need hits, this is a news aggregation site. No point in taking that away.

joelio131962d ago

can someone PLEASE send an invite my way? It would be greatly appreciated.