Dead Space 3 Dev On Why Dementia Is Just So Darn Scary Dead Space 3 should scare the sh** out of you. And why? Well, partly because dementia is enough to make any rational person's skin crawl.
The cooperative style will be in full effect in the latest horrific iteration of the popular series, as a deadly duo will make their way through the game's campaign as best they can.

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Enemy1972d ago

Whoa, seriously? Am I hallucinating?

caseh1972d ago

After reading this am I the only person whos thinking the people who put this game together don't actually know what Dementia is?

Unless they are going off the word it derives from Dementia is a medical condition where the person affected simply loses short term/long term memory and perception of time or place. They eventually forget pretty much everything and simply latch onto whatever they remember at that time. They don't hallucinate...

Adexus1972d ago

Dementia originally meant "madness" so I assume that's why they use it in the games.

princejb1341972d ago

seems more like annoying to me
especially if were in a battle with a necromorth and the hallucinations happen

Bimkoblerutso1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

How is this going to be scary at all now? I mean, even if he hadn't flat out just told us that there will be times when players don't see the same things, how would that even be frightening after the first time it happened?

I imagine after the first time it's just going to be like, "What? You can't see that enemy? Must be that annoying dementia thing they programmed in..."

It's not like its going to fool you every time it happens.

GreenRanger1972d ago

I think having a second character is going to ruin this game like it did with the Resident Evil games.