Disgaea D2 debut trailer

Following a teaser trailer in October, Nippon Ichi Software has released the debut full-length trailer for its upcoming Disgaea sequel Disgaea D2, due for PlayStation 3 on March 20 in Japan.

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Nicaragua1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

curse my lack of understanding of the japanese language!

AznGaara1550d ago

I... am... so... BUYING THIS!! Laharl FTW?!? They should port this to Vita with cross play. Its the kind of RPG that you play on the couch or grind a bit on the subway.

Hanso1550d ago

man i want this and Disgaea 4 on my Vita so bad!!!!
Why isnt D4 out on Vita yet? i dont get it

raWfodog1550d ago

It would have made much more sense to make this for the Vita to help improve its sales. Regardless, I'm still getting this :)

r211550d ago

Awww yeaah! A proper sequel to the first Disgaea game :D

Myst-Vearn1550d ago

**** yeah the first Disgaea had by far the best characters

Hanso1550d ago

agree though the cast of D4 are for me the second best ^^