100th Special: Win Stuff, Laugh at The Last of Us, Read Something Awesome

Today we cover the biggest news to hit the games industry all year – the 100th episode of Daily Reaction, the only daily feature that has brought you laughs, tears, bullshit, and a half-naked Nathan Drake. Just after celebrating the best of Daily Reaction, the extremely overworked duo of Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari bring you prizes, a Mini-Bad Gamers podcast, Dan’s best yearbook entry yet, and Seb pukes on a keyboard for everyone to see.

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alexcosborn1971d ago

What a momentous milestone. Congrats!

dbjj120881970d ago

Next thing you know PSU will be here with the hundredth "24 Hour Opinion" calling it a PSU original.

Foolsjoker1971d ago

That is by far the best 'The Last of Us'

Hicken1970d ago

You already have, doctor. You already have.

dbjj120881970d ago

I love the yearbook entries.