Games You Should’ve Played In 2012 But Didn’t – Part 1

Daav from stands still at this year's widely overlooked titles and explains just why these games deserved a lot more than they've gotten so far. In part 1, the first 6 of 12 features get discussed as the year 2012 sets itself up for that number. It's also a good way to find out if there are still some games you'd need to check out.

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jc485731811d ago

Binary Domain and REvelations all the way.

doogiebear1810d ago

Binary was trash. RE Revelations, however, proves that Capcom CAN make a great RE game. They need to dump the team who makes RE 6, and the the Revelations guys to make RE 7/Reboot.

jc485731810d ago

well, that's just your opinion. Binary Domain was far better than REORC.

doogiebear1810d ago

So what? Who's talking about Operation Racoon City anyway? Some dumb external studio made that game and Capcom only published it. What's your point?

jc485731810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

to me Binary Domain was a good game, but at that time people chose to buy Operation Raccoon City over this game. They both came out around the same time. Operation Raccoon City was heavily panned by both critics and consumers, but people gave no attention to Binary Domain despite the praise it was getting. Not that they didn't care, they simply didn't know what the game was all about. If you say Binary was trash, then Operation Raccoon City was a piece of s***. so how is this related? well, people chose to play crap over "good trash." Binary Domain is a "game people should've played in 2012" instead of REORC.