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1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Halo 4

1up.com: I guess it should come as no surprise that Halo 4 is one of my favorite games of 2012. The first entry in a new trilogy -- and helmed by Microsoft's internal developer 343 Industries -- does an admirable job of resurrecting everything I love about the series. Halo 4 consistently lives up to what I expect of a Halo game: polished gunplay, a unique visual style, and engaging offline and online features that makes the repetitive act of shooting feel satisfying hours, weeks, even months later. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

Belking  +   948d ago
Halo 4 is the beginning of a great new trilogy. 343 did it right. Great graphics, gameplay , multiplayer, and download content incoming.
thecowsaysmoo  +   948d ago
What a comedian. If you want a real fps go get the conduit on wii.
Belking  +   948d ago
Sorry, but I leave the kiddy games and consoles to kids.
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thecowsaysmoo  +   948d ago
Right, that why halo always look like legos for kids that threw up. Also, xbox 360 kinect will like a word with you about kiddy games and console. SKITTLES!
aviator189  +   948d ago

I'll just leave this here--> http://halo4nation.com/mult...
otherZinc  +   947d ago
Halo 4 is a magnificent game. It is 2012's GOTY.
xursz  +   948d ago
I had fun with this game for sure but to me it didn't match the experience of the original trilogy. Maybe it's because i don't pay for Live anymore. The whole Cortana love story was just... weird.

p.s. I don't mean to offend anyone.
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