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The Xbox 360 is often referred to as the PlayStation 2 of this generation, which is an incredible compliment that speaks to its massive and diverse game library. As we near the end of this console generation and come ever closer to putting a period at the end of Microsoft's second gaming console, we can't help but look back on the last seven years with so many fond memories. As such, the GR staff decided to put their heads together to compose a list that highlights our top 25 games that have come to the console.

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xursz2005d ago

"The Xbox 360 is often referred to as the PlayStation 2 of this generation"


SonyStyled2005d ago

North America is considered the whole world yes

xursz2005d ago

The side of the Sun, opposite North America, is currently night.

Enemy2005d ago

No exclusives, no variety = PS2 of this generation!

Looks like this guy never owned a PS2. I mean wow, this joke article is pretty insulting, even if it is a joke.

Ezz20132005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

the same thing that come to my mind when i saw it
who the hell referred to it as the PS2 of this gen in first place ?!
the closest thing to ps2 is ps3
because of it HUGE amount of Quality 1st/2nd party games
and of course the 3rd party support

i know that
and i said the closest to ps2 is ps3
but never said ps3 is ps2 of this gen

Swiggins2005d ago

The true strength of the PS2 came from it's early adaptation of DVD format, and it's 3rd party support.

The fantastic 1st party games were icing on the cake, it was the 3rd party support that built the house.

That said, I don't know how anybody could call the 360 OR the PS3 the PS2 of this gen.

Godmars2902005d ago

Pretty much every pro-360 site and MS's PR people themselves.

We do live in a time where you say it enough times it becomes true. Just look at Republicans on election days. Carl Rove on election night.

Those especially were some sweet-sweet tears...

2pacalypsenow2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Last time i checked Xbox doesn't have killer games only on xbox , PS2 did and there's only 6 games there that are only on xbox 4 of them halo titles....

alexcosborn2005d ago

As far as being the optimal platform for most third-party titles, being released before the competition, and taking the North American market by storm, I'd say the PS2 and Xbox 360 have quite a bit in common.

Godmars2902005d ago

MS basically upset the 3D party applecart - but besides about bragging about what turned out to be timed exclusivity they did nothing with it. Actually pushed an agenda which gutted the concept of exclusivity.

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SonyStyled2005d ago

i think bioshock is one of the greatest games of all time

Belking2005d ago

GOTY 2007 on xbox and pc and best xbox360 game.

Riderz13372005d ago

I stopped reading this article after the first sentence. You should be a comedian.

Belking2005d ago

I'm sure you did because it hurt your feelings a bit....but xbox360 has been awesome this gen.

Riderz13372005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I'm am not denying that it has been awesome, but to compare it to the PS2...

Not Even Once.

DasTier2005d ago

MW2 over Halo 4? Halo Reach over Halo 3? Braid, Lost Odyssey, Gears 3 all that High? Yeah, I don't agree with this list i'm afraid.

knifefight2005d ago

Realistically, one person is going to have a hard time finding a list he/she agrees with completely, be it one made by another singular person or one made by a group.

I remember in college one year the newspaper took a poll of us to get our favorite sodas, movies, and so on, etc. I even participated in the voting and *I* was like "Die Hard is below somethingsomething!? The hell?"

With the thousands and thousands of lists made every year, I'd count myself lucky if I find one or two that I agree with overall. And one that I agree with every single detail? Pfft, I would have to make it on my own for that to happen XD

Orbilator2005d ago

thats a hard list has there been that many ?

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