Family finds racy photos on 5-year-old's Christmas gift

LAKEWOOD- A Lakewood dad had to make a return the day after Christmas because the gift literally traumatized his family.

Wednesday morning Mark Giles' five year old son Braydon was playing with his Nintendo 3DS, a gift he had been asking Santa for since last year.

The boy asked his older brother to help him delete some pictures on the device, that's when his brother Bryton said the discovery was made.

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Snookies121907d ago

Dang, why didn't I get that 3DS? I'm taking mine back for another...

HammadTheBeast1907d ago

lol "Traumatized". Yes, it was unfortunate, but I doubt he'll remember or even care. Unless the parents already exposed him to stuff like this, in which case he'll know what it is and then we have a problem. But that's bad parenting.

I can see the Fox headline now:

"3DS allows kids to create and distribute pornographic material"

Yi-Long1907d ago

.... seriously, if finding some racy pictures on your electronic device manages to somehow 'traumatize' your whole family, you should seriously be put away in an asylum to protect you from everything else life will throw at you.

gta28001907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

lol I was like how can he be "traumatized" by something he's gonna be fapping to like 6 years from now lol.

It seems the parents are calling it "traumatizing" so they can maximize the possible compensation.

SilentNegotiator1907d ago

lol "refurbished". Just go with the real name for it, Gamestop: "pawned"

PATRIOT7ME1906d ago

"Traumatized" is the word you use when you are considering a lawsuit lol

FriedGoat1906d ago

What are they crying for? Jesus, what pussies.

I'd worry more about what "bodily fluids" are on that 3DS more than the pictures.

MattyG1906d ago

I find it funny that he already knows what porn is at five. I thought they were going to say that when he found them he told his dad "there's pictures of naked ladies" but nope, "dad there's porn on this".

KidBroSweets21906d ago

Unless it was some hardcore, fetish gay porn then it can't possibly leave them "traumatized". The kid and dad are both crying over that so I can't think it's what everyone else is hoping it is. And they said that GameStop sending them the free gifts wouldn't make up for it, but I bet they didn't say no to receiving it smh

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Beastforlifenoob1907d ago ShowReplies(3)
BenRage31907d ago

People seem to be missing part of the point. The gift was supposed to be from Santa Claus. I know that if I got a used gaming device containing porn from Santa at 6-7 years old I would be traumatized too. Have some compassion for the kid and the parent. Put yourself in the parent's shoes. I would be crying too if that's how my innocent child found out Santa isn't real.

ElectricKaibutsu1907d ago

I'd just tell him it was a bad elf.

As long as the parents don't make a big deal about it to the kid, he won't even remember.

okmrman1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

when i was 5 i stopped believing in santa clause
and im not letting my kids believe in santa clause anyway, im their santa

im not gonna lie bareface to little innocent kids

Count1906d ago Show
DragonKnight1906d ago

There's no way the kid was traumatized. What likely happened was he saw the pics and said to his mother "look what's on the 3DS" and that was the end of it for him. He's not old enough to be traumatized by this. Stop trying to blow this out of proportion. I have a 6 year old nephew and an 8 year old niece who managed to see some things they shouldn't have been able to see and instead of being traumatized, they simply (and with no reaction at all) just told other kids what they saw. They spoke as children who saw something new to them at the time and the people who were most upset were their parents. Kids aren't easily traumatized.

MonopolyRSV1906d ago

"The gift was supposed to be from Santa Claus."

Bad parenting bro.

BertlSenix1906d ago

Then he will have a bad life if they let him believe in such nonsense like SC,Religion and good politicians.
All of those things are lies and completely unrealistic.

wastedcells1906d ago

Who knew Santa gives used presents. Damn you Santa...damn you.

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DOMination-1907d ago

Maybe Dad should have checked it first. Afterall he did just buy a skanky preowned console.

Ryto1906d ago

When you're that young seeing things like that really upset you. I remember when I was little I watched starship troopers the movie without my parents knowing, and when the rude scene happene I started crying and went and owned up.

I'm 21 now and I still remember that.
I think it was because it scared me, who knows.

Kids are strange and sensitive though, and what a bummer for that to happen on Christmas day.

I do think maybe there's a level of milking for a lawsuit though, but good for them.

DragonKnight1906d ago

Kids are stronger than adults. They get over things easily and any moment of being "upset" is not even close to being on the same level as when an adult is.

FriedGoat1906d ago

I bet you still cry at rude scenes.

SlyFoxC1906d ago

shit i think the so called "RUDE" scene in starshi troopers was the single reason i watched it as a kid lol. along wiht my friends. i even asked for it for christmas on VHS (which i still have)

Temporary1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

crying at a 'rude' scene ...? i dont know ... I could never imagine crying at any age when seeing a pair of titties. Itd give me fond memories of when i was nursed as a child.

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Trunkz Jr1906d ago

It's a scam.

Buy Refurbished, add naughty photo's, take it back and get a new one with lots of games as compensation.

FriedGoat1906d ago

yup, bet that dad just took a few pictures of his penis to test the 3d.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Hard to say I want a 3ds when 5 year olds can play it.

It has to be full of casual games.

clearelite1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I was playing Mario, ninja gaiden, etc. at 5.

I also remember a younger friend of mine playing the original zelda quite successfully.

Not to mention the other kids my age playing games that would be deemed "too difficult" by many of todays standards.

Perhaps we were the kids that grew up to be "hardcore gamers" :D

IAmLee1906d ago

Dad's been trying it out before hand. Just to see if it worked...

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Nitrowolf21907d ago

lol blame gamestop here, I mean this isn't the first time this had happened. They are suppose to delete/format the device

Godchild10201907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

I agree, but why buy a used 3DS system, when a new one was on sale for the same price as a used one, the week leading up to Christmas. He could have bought it before then, but who knows.

I think that was poor judgement on the parent and stupid of the Gamestop employees for not check the system before talking it in for trade or testing it before selling it to the consumer. Bottom line is, it both their faults for not making better judgements. At least GameStop gave the child a new one and a few games for their mistake.

darthv721907d ago

than the consumer. a consumer has their own decisions to make even though they would be talked into several different options. it is always the best interest of the store to try and sell new or the more expensive model. but ultimately the decision to buy rests on the individual.

now as for this, had GS done their task and restored to factory defaults then they would not be held liable. At that point if something were to go wrong with the unit that the consumer knowingly purchased at a cheaper price because it was used, then GS would simply swap it out. they do have a very simple easy to follow return/exchange program on anything new or used.

This something different. The clerk who's job it was to refurb the unit did not do his job thus putting the consumer in this situation. there is personal responsibility on both sides but this situation leans more to the store at fault that the consumer.

on a side note, we do not ALL buy brand new when it comes to various items we procure. it is dependent on the price and the timing as to if you would buy new or used.

rainslacker1907d ago

While I do blame GS for not restoring the system to factory defaults, I do think that the father is over-reacting. I mean he does have a right to be angry, but to say this kid is traumatized severely over this is just exaggerating. Honestly I'd be surprised if the kid remembers this by this time next year.

GS said that incidents like this are rare, but I have seen them take in a Xbox system(original), and turn right back around selling it without doing more than turning it on and booting up a game. It's not a corporate policy to do such a thing, as they do have policies to reset systems, and comes down more to human error, carelessness, or just an oversight. Unfortunately it would probably be impossible to pinpoint who was directly responsible in store.

jeeves861907d ago

Let me get this straight.

If I give my kid a refurb model instead of a new one, I'm somehow a bad parent?

Christmas is an expensive time - not everyone can buy things the week before, even if they are at a discount.

rainslacker1907d ago


I don't think it makes him a bad parent, just not a very savvy consumer, as the new ones were on sale at GS the week leading up to christmas, and were the same price as the refurb ones. Toys R' Us had them even cheaper.

I could see how it wouldn't be a parent first thought to check to see if the system had been reset, or if it had inappropriate materials on it. It's quite possible he didn't even know that pictures could be stored on it. It is a game machine after all. It could be argued however, that a parent should know what they are giving their kids, but that's really just pointing fingers, and even GS is taking responsibility for what happened. Corporations have a responsibility to make sure things like this don't happen, but as I've said things do happen. I do think the parent is over-exaggerating the ill effects it had, however.

ElectricKaibutsu1907d ago


It said he'd been asking for the system for like a year. Maybe the dad saw a good deal on a used one months prior to Christmas and picked it up. You're telling me you never bought something and then later it went on sale?

rainslacker1906d ago

I'm not saying that at all. Just pointing out what others were trying to point out.

The only thing I was pointing out is that he is probably over-reacting to the effect this will have on his kid, but has a right to be angry. Even then I can only hypothesize, as he knows his kid better than I do, but at 5 years old he probably isn't able to comprehend what was going on. It sounded to me like the kid was pretty calm about it, asking for help to delete the pictures. Traumatizing implies that he would have freaked out about it when he saw them, and by the fathers own admission that didn't happen. He could possibly be traumatized by how angry the father got at them being on there, but that would be too long a psychological debate.

I also pointed out it's important for parents to know what they are giving their kids, but can understand why it wouldn't be his first thought to check for that sort of thing because I don't know how much this father knows about video games and hardware.

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RmanX10001907d ago

I think both are to blame. More so on GameStop though. They are supposed to format those.

Snookies121907d ago

I got a used Wii that wasn't formatted... Had a few WiiWare games and 1500 points to spend lol! So... I'm cool with them not doing that. XD

Axecution1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Agreed haha the news is completely blowing this out of proportion. xD
The reporter's talking like the 3DS ripped out the kid's eyes or something. I mean it's not thaaaaat big of a deal.

Off-topic: "There is a SIM card that you can remove to get rid of the images"
SIM cards dont even hold images. And they arent in the 3DS... and theyfrbasjigfbdsuigphresuipg

lmao ugh i just generally hate the news...

soraalam11906d ago

Haha thats what I was thinking.
"SIM Card" ... Is this woman stupid?

mac_sparrow1907d ago


I agree with your post, he could have done that; however, if that is the case it gave him plenty of time to familiarize himself with a gadget he was giving his young child. If the time was taken to understand what the gift was then surely these images would have been found before.

Not saying he's a bad parent, but I think parents should be more involved than just providing the items.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM1907d ago

LOL Mark did the dad went surfing... bad mark... did not erase the photos...

izumo_lee1907d ago

My question is why is a 3DS of all things being used to store pics of pornography. I can see people put such images on something like the Vita, or some phones but a 3DS is kinda baffling.

The dude who had that 3DS before this family must be a very lonely person.

darthv721907d ago

answered your own question.

Of the choices to hold such images: PSP, PSV, smart phone or 3DS....which is the most UNLIKELY to be used?

The 3ds of course.

Nobody ever thinks twice about such things when you see a 3ds but they sure do when they see a psp or smart phone.

jaymart2k1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Where els can you get 3D porn & play with yourself on the go.

Ahh that didn't sound right,lol

LKHGFDSA1907d ago

IT'S IN 3D MAN. 3D!!!!!

Treian1907d ago

why is he crying over porn?...

darthv721907d ago

crying over what he can't have? lol

Bimkoblerutso1907d ago

Maybe he's five years old...

jc485731907d ago

it's like getting a nosebleed, so how shocking can it be for a 5 year old?

Bimkoblerutso1907d ago

It must have been 4chan porn.

sashimi1907d ago

I wouldn't call racy photos porn...Worse things are seen on tv every day.

Cueil1906d ago

maybe it was scat porn

Nerdmaster1906d ago

That's exactly what I wondered. The funny thing is that they say those were racy photos, not pornographic photos. It makes him crying even weirder. Maybe he wants to make a scene to sue GameStop or something like that.

GraveLord1906d ago

Because he is educated and knows that porn is dirty and immoral.

Treian1906d ago

That's not my point. I don't like porn and don't watch it. I just don't see a point is crying over it.

SlyFoxC1906d ago

dont you cry when you masturbate?

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