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Worst Games of 2012 | HAL

Hidden Audio Log's 2012 Game of the Year awards kicks off with the worst games of this year. (PC)

SolidGear3  +   559d ago
Never heard of any of these
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   559d ago
I nominate this article for Worst "worst of 2012" list, 2012.

Im sure the reviews for these games were terrible, considering 5 people played them total. maybe you should try some games that people have heard of.
noisemedia  +   558d ago
I couldn't agree more. This is without a doubt the worst "worst of" list Ive seen on any site yet.

...Moving on
DopeVideogamez  +   558d ago
I don't really understand what the comments are getting at. Yeah, these games are obscure but they deserve to be, they're friggin' awful. These really are some of the worst games of 2012.

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