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Does The Current Generation Have Another Year Left?

An editorial about the possibility of this console generation lasting till 2014. (Culture, Industry, Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Gr81  +   886d ago
Console Gens always linger into the following one. However, I feel console manufacturers are in no rush to leave this last gen. Simply because of the tons of money that has yet to be recouped.

Additionally, releasing a new console is a huge gamble during economic good times, imagine the gamble during an economy in the shitter.

This is risky business. I honestly don't know where the next gen is headed, but I do know that many dev studios have closed down last gen due to rising dev costs among other factors. And going into a next gen in this economic climate will find more dev studios closing and rising dev costs..Console gaming is really at a crossroads.
SynGamer  +   886d ago
I completely agree, and will add further that the issue isn't "does the current generation have another year left", but rather, "will developers continue to support the current generation".

We'll still get the occasional 1st-party releases, but the key will be EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. supporting these consoles for the next few years...
Ezz2013  +   886d ago
and also who said that this gen ends with the next one ?!
i know sony will keep supporting ps3 along with ps4
and looking at the games coming to ps3 next year and how good they look
i say yes ps3 still have 2-4 more years in it
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deafdani  +   886d ago
While what you said is actually 100% true, you missed the point a bit: this article was asking whether Sony and Microsoft will wait until 2014 to put out their next machines.

Once they put out their next consoles, the PS3 and 360 will stop being "current generation"... get it now? :)
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Jsynn7  +   886d ago
Well, there's a lot of games coming out next year for the current-gen systems and they're looking a really good so yeah I don't see anything wrong with that. It would be cool though to at least get some kinda concrete news about next-gen systems next year (2013) during an event like E3. Not really thinking about next-gen stuff. I'm having a good time with what's out now.
brich233  +   886d ago
prototypeknuckles  +   886d ago
to me it would seem that the ps3 still has at least 2 more good years ahead of it.
Deku-Johnny  +   886d ago
I think Sony/MS need new consoles asap, their current ones are showing their age terribly. The "current generation" (I put that in quotation marks as the article is about the last gen not the current gen, the current gen only began this year.) shouldn't have another year left but unfortunately the most likely scenario is there will be no consoles released in 2013 but they will be announced.
Xof  +   886d ago
I honestly don't know. Sure, there are a handful of good-looking games we can count on for 2014, but only 5 or 6. I have a feeling 2014/2015 will mark the start of the next generation.

And I really hope no one is asking this question of 2013, 'cause that would be -profoundly- stupid given the sheer number of AAA titles lined up.
ShaunCameron  +   886d ago
I hope I can get a Grasshopper Manufacture game by the time Sony pulls the plug on the PS3. So far I got no GM game for my PS3 while my Wii and 360 got 2 games each. Well at least there are two more Platinum games coming out for it. Anarchy Reigns and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
SlavisH2  +   886d ago
they can last 5 more years..... as long as ps4/next xbox is announced this year and released q4/next year!
edonus  +   886d ago
They could push it another year, but i feel 2013 would be a great transition year. They can wrap it up with some great games and give a little taste of whats to come. I say release the consoles in september and or november and call it a aday. Or at least showcase them this year and release them early next year.

Does MS like to release in september anyway and Sony in November I dont know where I am getting that from but it would just seem right. I would rather the Ps4 release after the Xbox either way.
Ezz2013  +   886d ago
****I would rather the Ps4 release after the Xbox either way. ****

why ?!
edonus  +   886d ago
Just for the sake of continuity. It would be a cheery on the top of the 360 dominance this gen as the first ones in and the last ones out.

But being more practical Sony still has a rabid fan base around the world. Even though I think MS closed a large gap I still think they need to have a jump start on Sony to keep the market competitive.

I could be reading to far in to it but I am one of those people that like to find trends and play the odds.
ChrisBoogie17  +   886d ago
This gen still has at least a year left. Nintendo confirmed it by releasing the Wii U which is basically a ps3 or 360. I for one will be surprised if Sony or MS release their systems in 2013 with so many AAA titles set for release.
NastyLeftHook0  +   886d ago
Pillsbury1  +   886d ago
There are still plenty of games yet to come and with sonys track record of supporting systems after launch there is still life after ps4 comes.
TronEOL  +   886d ago
This generation has one or two years left at the very least. It doesn't mean we won't see a PS4 and/or NextBox next year, or the following year tho. I just can't see them ditching their current consoles anytime soon even with the new ones coming out.

Not to mention they're perfect advertising devices if cloud gaming takes off. Especially Sony with Gaikai. They could essentially make PS4 games playable on PS3 with Cloud gaming using Full Game Trials through plus or something. Allowing PS3 gamers to "trial" or "rent" PS4 games on PS3 at slightly lower quality (depending on your internet).

So Sony and Microsoft could use the PS3 and Xbox360 as entry level machines, then PS4 and NextBox as more high-end consoles for enthusiasts.
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P_Bomb  +   886d ago
I'm in no hurry for next gen to start. It won't start for me next year anyways, 2013 is already filled to the brim for me. Overflowing actually when I figure in 2012 backlog I haven't had time to play yet like the new AC, RE, Halo and Hitman. Throw in a good HD Collection like the aforementioned Hitman and poof, 2013 is a write-off. Software alone I'll be checking out includes:

BioShock Infinite
The Last of Us
MetalGear Rising
GodofWar Ascension
Beyond:Two Souls
SplinterCell Blacklist
The Puppeteer
Sly4: Thieves in Time
Until Dawn

MGS Ground Zeroes and The Last Guardian are current gen bound as well. PSN/XBLA must-plays like 'Rain' or 'Walking Dead season 2' will surface as will other surprises I'm sure.

So yeah, current gen easily has a year+ left. I'll be playing that list into 2014 easy.
black911  +   886d ago
I hope so. Ps3 stil has power left just look at beyond two souls. Also there are amazing games yet to be released last of us,sly cooper,gears,god if war, beyond two souls, bioshock, gta5 etc.
souga_houjou_jin  +   886d ago
thx to sony and AAA games like the last of us,and beyond 2 souls its safe to say yes.
miyamoto  +   886d ago
This only applies to PS3 & 360 as the Wii is out of the race.

And the release of the the Wii U, a new gen but current gen specs console, all the more encourages the PS3 & 360 to run the next few years along side of it's at least 4 year life cycle & the PS3's 10th year. And developers will still be making games for PS3 ..... thanks to Wii U.

By conservative estimates....
PS3 could hit its prime on its 7th year, November 2013, at $200 price point reaching 83 M units installed base.

On November 2016, its 10th year, and Wi U's 4th, the PS3 can reach 120 - 125 M units installed base selling at a rate of 12-14 M units a year at $150 price point

.... ultimately making it the best selling console of its generation thanks to Wii U.

Nicely played.

The next PlayStation home console could be 1-2 years up and at them by 2016.
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zebrahim  +   885d ago
This generation has been cut short by the lower end tech like the Xbox and the wii. It's simple really. I have all the consoles and only play my PS3. It's surprising that some people still believe in MS. I had two Xbox failures in one year and have to pay for Xbox live whereas a comparable service exists for free. Am I mad or is the situation ludicrous! These MS fanboys are your typical young unemployed meth heads I suppose. Expect cheap consoles and follow in crowds. I truly hope PS4 reaches the top again, Sony was awesome this generation and continues. Lol...just look at 2013 game line up for the PS3 versus the Xbox. My Xbox in severely underutilized except for Halo 4, which was good, not great. Now we have all these gamers expecting low console prices, yet they go out and buy phones and iPads worthier $600 plus. The worlds is messed. Up. I guess the mature gamers who work understand the dynamics of the industry. Lets hope there's enough of us to keep true gaming alive.

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