Monster Hunter Frontier G "Promotion Movie"

Capcom has shared a new trailer for their Monster Hunter Frontier G online game that shows off the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter Frontier Online. The expansion, slated for release in April 2013, will add new fields, armors, monsters and weapons to the game.

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WetN00dle691976d ago

Cant really report BUT according to this article, Frontier G will only be released on PC and Xbox 360 come this April 17th! Nowhere does it say Ps3 and WiiU.

NovusTerminus1976d ago

Frontier was ported to the 360 during June of 2010 in Japan, And was a PC exclusive before that, again, only in Japan.

So this being an expansion of Frontier, will be for the 360 and PC... Only in Japan...

bad naruto1976d ago

Where The F*** is the Vita Ver???

WetN00dle691976d ago

No Vita version. THIS is an expansion pack for Monster Hunter Frontier(Japan Only). So there is no Vita, Ps3 or WiiU versions. Only for PC and Xbox 360.

AbyssGravelord1976d ago


Damn you Crapcom.

HarvesterOSarow1975d ago

Fuck off Capcom. Bring this to the US, make Monster Hunter Portable 4 for the Vita, or GTFO.