Predicting E3 2013: How Sony Wins It All

E3 2013 feels far away but it is already the most important one to date. Beginning a series of predictions, Leviathyn begins with Sony and how its PS4 announcement will shock gamers worldwide and how the company’s purchase of Gaikai will be used. Also, the Vita will mount its comeback.

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AcidKill1905d ago

I love my Vita and I hope to hear some mind exploding announcements at next year's E3 like... infamous and GTA for the Vita! \m/

darthv721905d ago

that over the years a Game show (E3) has turned into a "game" show. I find it funny how that works out.

E3 is a trade show where new information about up and coming products. It was never meant to be a "winner take all" competition.

so with that in mind...what 'exactly' would sony "win"?

If we look at this trade show with those goggles on then should we not look at ALL trade shows with the same pair of goggles?

At the next automobile convention....will it be Chevrolet or Ford that "wins it all"? Or will it be an import company?

rainslacker1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

They actually all win. Your right about the purpose of the show, but without fail every year after the press conferences we get the articles about who stole the show, then the ones about who won the show overall on the convention floor, and then the ones why it didn't matter, then the ones doing unneeded damage control. It's all fanboy fodder, and completely subjective.

Me saying they all win however is because for the next several months to a year later, all the gamers are talking about the games and tech shown, some with fanboy enthusiasm, some with a more modest approach, but the name of the tech and games is getting out there for more to see...thus the entire point for press conferences and convention floor is achieved.

Hicken1905d ago

It's really simple.

They "win" by having the best showing.

People watch the press conferences and determine how impressive the display of games, services, and hardware was. The three conferences are graded, then stacked up against each other to determine which was the best.

Honestly, it's not that difficult.

And no, we should NOT look at ALL trade shows "with the same pair of goggles." What would make you think that? Is there some rule that says we have to treat everything exactly the same across the board? I'm pretty sure there is no such thing.

You may not know it, but depending on the publication, auto manufacturers ARE graded at shows like SEMA. I'm certain it happens in other industries, too. But you- as with the auto shows- don't know it because you're not as involved as you are in gaming.

camel_toad1905d ago

I will completely lose all bowel control and crap myself uncontrollably if we get to see the PS4 and 720/nextbox at the same E3.

AztecFalcon1905d ago

The SEN stuff sounds awesome.

Godchild10201905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Sony's conference needs to be 2 or so hours long. They need to break it up into portions. 45 minutes on the Vita, 45 minutes on the PS3 and about 30 or so minutes on the next PlayStation console. They need to show that they still are supporting their older system in the home console space, but are getting ready to push the envelope with their next console. They need to show that they are not done with the Vita and will be making sure the Vita comes full force in the fall of 2013 along side which console they have coming out.

The thing is, Sony has a lot to talk about during E3 and a lot of avenues to venture through. They have the PS3, Vita, Next Sony Console and Gaikai.

As for winning E3, that is up in the air. They need to show off games and not spend to much time on one thing (Wonderbook). That article was well thought out and quite pleasant to read.

PrimeLantern1905d ago

I agree with everything but the 45 minutes on the PS3. They can show continuing support quick and announce that they'll have more PS3 news after E3. They need more time for the Vita and enough to show off the PS4 to get the most excitement out of it.

Root1905d ago

I don't know why the don't do the PSV separate like how Nintendo did the 3DS show separate last year.

Is it really that hard...

I really want to see them show off some more PSV stuff but since I want to hear more about the PS3 and next gen I don't want them to waste time talking about the PSV...sorry but thats just my preference.

Thats why they need to do a separate PSV show before their main conference.

SandWitch1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

45 mins for PS3? No, no and no! At least not in the main conference. E3 2013 must be all about VITA and PS4. Beyond Two Souls will be pretty much the only one major PS3 first party game anyway

BitbyDeath1905d ago

I'd rather it 1 1/2 hours on the PS4.
25 mins on the Vita and 5 mins on the PS3.

Godchild10201905d ago

To all those above me,

Those are just estimated times, they should cater to the each Platform. They could cater more time, if they would do as Root said and do a "separate PSVITA show, like how Nintendo did the Nintendo 3DS Direct."

Most importantly they should get more than 2 hours on the Stage, if they don't do a separate show for the Vita. And manage their time efficiently.

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Root1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I think it would be nice if they got some new IPs announced for the PS4 but also announce old IPs like Uncharted 4 and Killzone 4 as launch games with announcements at the VGAs later that year that God of War 4 and Jak 4 are coming later on.

The whole "4" thing has some great marketing material for the PS4.

Least then once they've gotten some old franchises out the way, maybe Resistance 4 and inFAMOUS 4 aswell later on if the third one is this gen, they can start to develop new IPs for the system and since they've already used their old IPs to test the tec out before hand they can then push the PS4s tec even futher with the new IPs to make them look even more amazing.

Belking1905d ago

I predict sony will have a great E-3. More Ps goodies and hopefully something about the PS4. MS should have a good one too. The next xbox may be revealed. Then again knowing MS they may just have their own event and wait til e-3 to show off games , kinect 2 and whatever else they will be bringing.

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