This Is Impressive: Super Mario Bros. 1-1 Recreated In Minecraft And It’s Even Kinda Playable

Kotaku: "It took Gavin and Geoff of Achievement Hunter about four hours to build Super Mario Bros.' 1-1 level almost block-for-block in Minecraft."

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MNGamer-N1399d ago

Chinese Mario knock off.

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Tetsujin1399d ago

Wow, and call it a conspiracy but Kotaku (as usual) trying to praise something on 360/PC above PS3 - in this case Minecraft when there's countless Little Big Planet (LBP) Mario levels; where's the videos/chatter about those?

If it was another site I'd at least praise the site because it's something different, and funny. Because it's kotaku this is another attempt to basically praise something that's not on a Sony platform.

aquamala1399d ago

why be such a fanboy? why does this have anything to do with PS3?

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konnerbllb1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


I didn't know stupidity existed at this level, until I read your comment.

MrSmith1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Why is it always the overused Level 1-1 and not another level out of Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros. 3, or World? Nice vid anyway.

PopRocks3591398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

World 1-1 is pretty iconic. Can you name a single gamer over the age of twenty who has not played World 1-1 in the first Super Mario Bros.? It also features the first use of the theme music, so that helps.

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