Two Reasons Why GTA V won't release in March 2013

Recently Online retailer Amazon updated their GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) listing with a new date "March 26, 2013", many GTA series fans were of the opinion that this new date looks pretty LEGIT since the day falls on Tuesday which makes sense in US for launch.

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LOGICWINS1974d ago

Fuse is competition for GTAV? LMAO!

Raiz1974d ago

if you think like this than none of the games mention in the article (Tomb Raider, Gow: Ascension, BioShock Infinite and other) stand even a slight chance against GTA V

LOGICWINS1974d ago

GTAV would outsell all of those games combined.. very easily. Either way, I expect it to be delayed to May/ early June.

guitarded771973d ago

GTA doesn't even have to show up to E3 and it will outsell everything. R* does not fear the competition. With 125 MILLION GTA games sold, they could release any day they want. It's the other games that have to watch out for GTA.

Nafon1973d ago

@LOGICWINS lets not forget that a release date has to be confirmed before it gets delayed ;). I agree though.

Nitrowolf21973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

eh really?? FUSE is gonna fail, and I feel a bit sorry for Insomniac. The game just isn't that attractive.

If anything, EA would be smart enough to delay it.

wastedcells1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Bioshock is a take two game as well so why would they kill the sales of their own game. It's not coming in march. Wish it would but I can't see them releasing them back to back like that. Plus fuse lmao are you for real. GTA has no competition and fears no game.

bobshi1973d ago

The article is likely correct, for the wrong reasons.

Rather than look at it as 'GTA would never go up against Tomb Raider etc', it should be 'Tomb Raider etc would never go up against GTA'.

We all know GTA is going to sell bucket loads and the article isn't trying to say Tomb Raider etc would match GTA's sales.

If you were making Tomb Raider, BioShock you want your game to have the best chance. Releasing near GTA isn't going to give you that chance.

bozebo1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Logic, it isn't being delayed. Your # of agrees proves how stupid people on this site are. (not about FUSE being in competition, obviously you are correct there)

Reverent1972d ago

I think if GTA were to release on the exact same day as the next CoD, GTA would outsell it. That's how powerful GTA is. It's just that GTA games only come out so often, while CoD is a yearly deal.

With that said, no other game would come even close.

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showtimefolks1973d ago

no game can compete with GTA5 so whichever games come around gta 5 release will suffer. i think GTA5 is april-may 2013.

Fuse doesn't look that good to me, insomniac can not expect the game to do huge numbers, every time i see it i like it less. and with games like gta5,last of us,bioshock,tomb raider and beyond 2 souls coming around the same time i think fuse is set to fail.(fail doesn't mean it won't sell but it won't set the sames record like EA expect out of all their games)

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

Call of Duty can. Yes, it's a horrible game, but that's not what the kids think. Also, GTA has become the poster-child for all things "game-evil" so even some parents know about some of the stuff that goes on in GTA (ironic since CoD has the same rating). So, (unfortunately) CoD could compete with GTA V, but it will most likely not because of the release "date".

deep_fried_bum_cake1973d ago


COD would obviously be able to compete in overall sales, but not everyone has money for more than one game at a time.

I imagine that in the market of people choosing the one game they could get, with the choice being between COD and GTA V, about 70-80% (maybe more) would choose GTA V.

If GTA V and COD released at the same time, I'm fairly certain that the COD game would suffer significantly in those sales compared to GTA V.

shivvy241973d ago

fuse is a competition , im no fan of these games and ive already preordered fuse

rbailey1973d ago

Couldn't stop laughing as soon as I saw this comment lol.. Tell that clown to let us know when he's writing an informative article and not some late night comedy skit lol

Awesome_Gamer1973d ago

I have to agree with Logic this time, nothing will come close to competing with GTA V, that game will break every single sales record known to man. Mark my words.

Thatguy-3101973d ago

Doubt it my friend. Yea it will sell a ton but it wont break the COD record that's hold for number 1. Back then it was controversial for its violence and the boundaries that it cross so adults, pre-teens and teenagers went nuts for it. With violence being so relevant in games in today's world I honestly dont think it will sell as crazy as many people think. COD OWNZ this gen and it will stay that way until something new takes over.

Christopher1973d ago

***GTAV would outsell all of those games combined.. very easily. Either way, I expect it to be delayed to May/ early June.***

May. And it won't be delayed since it hasn't officially been announced.

Look at their games from the last few years.

GTA4 - April 2009
GTA: Episodes - April 2010
RDR - May 2010
LA Noire - May 2011
MP3 - May 2012

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Hingle_Mcringleberry1974d ago

One reason. Bioshock Infinite. Owned by Take 2, just like GTA V.
Stupidity would argue otherwisie.

Dark111973d ago


i'm hoping for a mid april release.

hawkeyejonjon1973d ago

Well Bioshock Infinite could get delayed again. It already has really.
Original release: February
New Release: March
I bet Bioshock Infinite will get delayed again to April-July

LKHGFDSA1973d ago

it was supposed to come out this year originally.

hawkeyejonjon1972d ago

@LKHGFDSA I know that it was suppose to release this year originally but i was talking about the most recent delay. I should of put it like this
Original release after first delay: February
New release after second delay(or is it the third delay?): March
These delays are getting annoying that i am losing track. I still bet it will get delayed again to April to July. Why are they delaying Bioshock Infinite so much anyways? If they do delay it again(i hope not) it will be another game in development hell like FF VS XIII and The Last Guardian. That will horrible though

nevin11973d ago

I won't be suprised at a Summer-Fall 2013 release.

FinaLXiii1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

competing with MGS ground zeroes and Last of Us that´s smart. s/

DasTier1973d ago

Lol, do you really believe they would eat into GTA V's Sales?

Ezz20131973d ago

the last of us and GTAV target different gamers
and both will sell well and won't effect each other
because how awesome both games are and of course the well knowen Dev's ND and R* who both have huge numbers of fans

and i don't think MGS:GZ have a Date yet

FarCryLover1821973d ago

MGS GZ is coming in the first half of 2013??

Ezz20131973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

when i said
"the last of us and GTAV target different gamers "

i meant there is gamers love Open world games and there is gamers who love Survival games

both of those game types any gamer love them both at the same time
so both will be fine
for me i will buy both because how awesome both games are and of course the well knowen Dev's ND and R* who both have huge numbers of fans

so i don't know why i'm getting disagrees ?!

wastedcells1973d ago

GTA will sell units all year so they can release whenever against who ever and it won't matter. Everyone else should avoid GTA even if its a completely different game because GTA will get all the hype and articles which will cause good games to stand in its shadow.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1973d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha. Like Grand Theft Auto has anything to dear from those two games, especially Last of Us. Come on bro.

andibandit1973d ago


You're getting disagrees because you said they "Wont affect eachother" and completely left out the economic factor.
For example I had to choose between AC3 and Borderlands 2 and went with the latter, altho i like BOTH genres(startling isn't it). Still havent bought AC3 yet, but will at some point in the future.

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josephayal1973d ago

I personally think GTA V will be out in Q3 2014

EliteDave931973d ago

Thats impossible since R* themselfes confirmed a spring release.

DasTier1973d ago

It shall release in May, just like the last few bigs R* releases.

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