3 Best Games Of 2012 To Buy With A PSN Gift Card

Since the Holiday season has mostly come to a close we were thinking some of our readers might have been gifted a PSN gift card. PSN holds some great exclusive content and games that only PS3 gamers can get a hold of. With this great exclusive content come a bunch of great games available to download over PlayStation Network. One thing is for sure, if you got your hands on a PSN gift card this holiday season you won’t be let down because PlayStation knows how to deliver great content for their gamers.

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TheSuperior 2091d ago

The Unfinished Swan was a really unique game, dont you think?

TheSuperior 2091d ago

It is. The games was just so different. Its a bit short but still full of meaning. Its a good buy :)

dariux322091d ago

I agree with you. This game surprised me (in good way), enjoyed it. I really hope for another game from "Giant sparrow " creators.

TheGrimBunny2091d ago

100% Agreed.. Nice piece.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2091d ago

Guardians of middle earth all the way!


Unfinishied swan for the qui gon ginn!!!

orakle442091d ago

Just got done playing through Journey, i now understand why its pretty much the game of the year. Unforgetable gaming experience, been awhile since ive played a game this good.....

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