Hyuna releases BTS photoshoot video for FIFA Online 3

Korean idol Hyuna, the latest spokesmodel for FIFA Online 3, has released the BTS footage for the promotional posters of the popular football online game.

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Simon_Brezhnev1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

She's alright and before anybody say im hating or w/e. I watch a lot of kdrama and she's average compared to the actresses in the shows i watch.

DoomeDx1733d ago

isnt she a singer?
as far as I know that is

sithsylar1733d ago

bubble bubble bubble pop! haha yeah she is.

kingPoS1733d ago

Wow Fifa has an iron grip even in Korea.

Photo shoot: check
Gameplay images: ???
EA splash screen: check


CommonSense1733d ago

Bubble bubble bubble pop!

Tsalagi1733d ago

She looked hotter in the bubble pop video. She looks totally different now after whatever kind of plastic surgery she had. Still good, i just prefer the Bubble Pop version.

CommonSense1730d ago

plastic surgery? she's like 20!