How Sony could blow us away if they show Killzone 4 running on PS4 in 4K glory

InfoBarrel writes:

"I think it’s about time we start talking about the next-gen games that will raise the standard and set the bar so high it becomes a topic of discussion all across the internet like the way Killzone 2 pre-rendered video did way back in 2005. As a lover of everything 3D graphics and computer animation I was never so excited about anything that had to do with video games as much as I did when I saw that video on the web. Some of the things that I really liked in that video was the facial animation of the characters, their body movement, the way the enemy AIs reacted when they are shot and when there was an explosion and the Physics of debris scattering all over the place when there was an explosion. All that and a whole lot of other things happening on the screen at the same time blew me away."

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remanutd551698d ago

Who the check is Gorilla Games? Lol.

Ultr1698d ago

Am I the only one that thinks the actual Killzone2 looks WAY better than that rendered-shit?

Outside_ofthe_Box1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

KZ4 running in 4K isn't going to blow KZ fans away at all. Great graphics is expected when it come to KILLZONE. So I don't get why you made this article. What will really blow people away is a multiplayer that goes back to the roots of KILLZONE 2. This is what Guerrilla Games should really strive for in my opinion.

Septic1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

They better show off actual gameplay this time round though otherwise it's just a complete p*ss take like last time.

To be honest, Killzone doesn't need 4k to blow people away. As far as visuals are concerned, Killzone has always been visually stunning and we can only imagine what the developers can achieve in the graphics department (amongst others) with a next gen Killzone title.

One question intrigues me however; how will the next Killzone title compare to the CGI trailer shown for Killzone 2? I'm not talking about how the game looks like generally because, Killzone 2 did a decent job matching the general look and feel of the CGI trailer. I'm talking more specifically, the visual fidelity and detail.

[Edit] Some people on here are claiming that Killzone 2 actually looked better than the CGI trailer released. If that's the case then forget 4k resolution because I doubt the latter feature's inclusion will make any difference to those who are clearly visually impaired. Get real

Ezz20131698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

i'm one of those who think KZ2 look the same as the CG trailer and KZ3 top both

last time i remember KZ2 won alot of gfx awards and 10/10 in gfx from all sites
uncharted 2 was the reason why it didn't won all the best gfx awards in 2009

Eyeco1698d ago

Ok I'm gonna end this debate

Killzone 2 technically DOES and I mean Does look better than the trailer which as of right now looks kinda murkey with pretty blunt lighting ,

HOWEVER the game doesn't play as fluid or as cinematic as what was presented all those years ago if you know what I mean ? The fluid movement of the action gives the impression that it looks better, as it would on any trailer but in all honest KZ2 DOES look better , the game may not move as fluid or as cibematic as the trailer but then again find me one game that does , but it does in.deed look better from a technical stand point it DOES look better

MikeMyers1698d ago

Sony should really get away from using their game console to sell other hardware. Especially if that added cost is transferred to the consumer. The original Playstation and Playstation 2 had CD and then DVD playback. It really helped Sony sell those formats. Difference is those consoles both cost $299 U.S. at launch. That's where the PS3 stumbled. They wanted to sell bluray but those costs were added to the consumer. That is one of the reasons why Sony lost a portion of their fanbase.

4K TV's are not even in stores yet, let alone being anywhere near affordable by next year (if that is when the PS4 comes out). Sony showcased the PS3 as being truly next gen even though the games mostly played at 30fps and in 720p. If 4K support can be added for cheap then by all means do it. But if it just adds extra cost then what's the point? I would be happy if all PS4 games ran at 60fps and were in true 1080p.

Ezz20131698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

***, the game may not move as fluid or as cibematic as the trailer but then again find me one game that does , ****

maybe the last of us ...might be wrong though

sniperxx1698d ago

Im not sure what everyone is smoking... I am pretty certain that unless Sony (or Microsoft for that matter) are able to create a 'current' gen PC and sell it for 300-400 dollars - there is no way the 'next gen' consoles will even handle 1080p and 60fps let alone 4k. And it will still be MANY years before the 4K TV is even affordable.

The cheapest right now is what? 10grand? not even LCD/Plasmas (at respectable sizes) were that much during their infancy.

I'll be honest, I am growing tired of N4G - they just link to these stupid articles that are designed to start flame wars.

Freak of Nature1698d ago


I agree with you, well put. I think that this next KZ will be the best looking, that's a no brainer, but I am hoping for that real smooth animation, those little effects like debris and environment effects that go with the big more obvious things. Animation like Ico or the upcoming Last of us would be ideal. Plus art direction is vital, choice of design style and color palette will be really important.

SilentNegotiator1697d ago

Fix the part with the unrealistic expectations, too. You know...the entire article.

Mrmagnumman3571697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

@ Septic, you are getting downvoted for telling the truth, isn't that great!? To everyone, if you knew what was running behind the KZ2 CGI video, you would know it greatly surpasses KZ2 and every console game this gen. The particle effects and texture quality are far better then the actual KZ2, just watch this(2:44)-

That doesn't mean KZ2 isn't impressive, if anything it's the opposite. The KZ2 CGI trailer's art style makes it look worse then the real KZ2 at times, partially because KZ2 had a great art style.

MAJ0R1697d ago

Excuse me for crashing the party, but who actually believes a console could run anything but a movie at 4k resolution when they struggle to run sub-HD games? Even mid-high grade PC's struggle to run 4k resolution.

Eyefinity and NVIDIA Surround are examples of 4k resolution (sometimes higher) and you need a pretty good PC with lots of video memory to run it. I doubt next-gen consoles will have more than 1GB of memory. If that's the case, 4k resolution will not be possible on consoles without it being a slideshow.

MikeMyers1697d ago

That's probably why it will be limited to streaming 4K and maybe be something linked to their acquisition of Gaikai.

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LocutusEstBorg1698d ago

Get real. The PS4 is already 2 generations behind a current gen PC and even a GTX 690 can't run anything at 4k. Console = piss poor rendering quality and textures regardless of what resolution it runs at.

MmaFan-Qc1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

i have a top notch gaming pc....but guess what?

im getting the ps4 on day one, u mad bro?

why would i volontary avoid sony exclusives only because there's two msi 580 lightning in sli on my pc?

a real gamer will play games no matter on what platform it is..... and last thing, Okami and Journey showed us that high res textures doesnt necessarily make a game look better.

zebramocha1698d ago

I don't think we can include pc's as an example because their was a point where ps3 exclusive were being compared,I doubt we'll see 4k games like killzone but if 4k tvs come down in price significantly maybe psn titles will be in 4k.

Detoxx1698d ago

Take a look at some exclusives, you won't regret it..

ABizzel11698d ago Show
onandonandon1698d ago

Where did u see the PS4? Got any pictures?

Qrphe1698d ago

"even a GTX 690 can't run anything at 4k"

U sure?

Nah u ain't, not at all

The_Infected1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Get real. No one gives a shit! Take your PC crap out of a PS4 article.

kneon1698d ago

I think there is also a decent chance you'll see some racing games at 4K. In general racing games can produce better graphics than most other types of games because what needs to be shown on screen is more limited, more predictable and there is usually not as much going on at once on the screen.

ABizzel11698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )


If you're comment was directed towards me, then I saw it a couple a years ago on PC.


If you're comment was directed towards me, then I was simply here to educated the ignorant (in this case a vast majority of the people on n4g) about PC hardware, which "your" PS4 will be using.

You can talk about PC all you want, but the fact of the matter is consoles, are becoming more and more like PC's, except limited in functionality and locked to whatever the console maker wants.

BitbyDeath1698d ago

There is a chance PS4 games will be in 4K as Sony have already demoed one.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

"PC and even a GTX 690 can't run anything at 4k."
cuz you need a gtx 680 for that?

I have a great pc but still get a ps4 dude. I like both platforms. And why not appreciate great games more than textures? PS4 won't have 4k games but who actually cares??

This is about gaming no?
I can't wait for amnesia on pc and there is no way I will miss the last of us on ps3!

ps4 is a day pre order!!

Ps4 will be powerful enough for a console or they will have to change the name(which I don't think they will do).
"We named it PlayStation, the power of a workstation for play. That is our mantra seventeen years later." - Jack Tretton

modesign1698d ago

bubble down kurianoftrollborg

bucky19651698d ago

I see the 72 plus (and counting) people who dissagree do not have much tech knowledge.

sniperxx1698d ago

@kurianofborg - exactly right - of course we may all get the PS4 for games, but this comment is about the article, and making up stories that the PS4 will be more powerful then it is is crazy.

@MmaFan-qc - try quad 680 SLI - what console can take that on? The next PS4/xbox will have a video card somewhat like the Wii U - cheap, slow, 2 generations old - that is the model they use so they can at least break even on a console with a low price point.

Consoles = casual gaming
PC = hardcore gamers

SilentNegotiator1697d ago

Well....the part where you said "Even a GTX 690 can't run anything at 4K" was true....

Conzul1697d ago

And yet, it only took 3 daisychained PS3's to do a Gran Turismo demo in 4k. That means the PS4 need only be more than 3X as powerful as the PS3 to get at least some stuff into 4k.

You're the one who needs to get real.

mewhy321697d ago

What if we are blown away? What hell difference would it make? I mean, it's a 4k tv for cryin out loud. Sony is trying to push yet another niche to try and sell their tv's. How soon we forget the 3d fiasco that they tried to get the brainwashed legions to buy in to. This is just another marketing ploy to try and generate sales for a dying console.

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showtimefolks1698d ago

We dnt have long to wait by GDP 2013 Sony will talk about ps4.

Most pundits still saying Xbox will bein 2014 like around February-march. But I personally don't see ms giving any a head start, wiiu is gonne be a forgotten device because ps4 and next Xbox will over shadow it. And it's not fair since wiiu does bring some new things to gaming

Anyway can't wait to find out more.