80° --- Final Fantasy VII: The Webseries Interview

We got the exclusive details on a new web series being adapted from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved RPG games of all time. With a ton of different spin-off games, fan fiction and artwork, Final Fantasy VII remains a smash hit among gamers past and present. While many fans of the series love to show their appreciation and devotion to the game, there are very few that really stand out by bringing out some truly amazing works. These creations range from an incredible cosplay that mimics the looks of iconic characters from the game, to recreating many of the weapons that populate the world of Midgar. One man and a team of creative minds however are looking to create something different, something that will show an undying passion for one of Squaresoft's greatest games.

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GenericNameHere1813d ago

I don't really like webseries since about 90% of them are "meh".
But hey, if people like them, I don't mind.