GTA 5 on “Max” Settings for PC, 16GB of RAM?

Amir Ariff:

Blockbuster-bound GTA V is set for Spring 2013 launch on PS3 and Xbox 360, no official words yet from Rockstar Games whether there will be a PC release or not in the future.

However, if it is, then I think it’s time to start thinking about what are the PC requirements to play on “Max” settings. We have seen the graphics and effects of GTA 5, and they’re amazing, and for the most of us, we really have no idea of what the requirements to play on “Max” settings with this latest piece by Rockstar.

If we have to make a bet, It’ll most likely be very similar to Max Payne 3′s highest tested system requirements – only differences would be the next-generation CPUs and GPUs.

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Nafon2004d ago

Sorry, Amir. You don't know shit. I don't even think any game that is somewhat optimized for PC uses more the FOUR GB of ram.

FanboyPunisher2004d ago

One word, console port.

Just like FC3.

Resolution will be the only main differences, and how well the dev optimizes their cash grab port.

Blacktric2004d ago

"Just like FC3."

Playing it with 4 gig ram on a 64 bit Windows 7 home premium, GTX560 Ti and an Intel Q6700. No overclocking whatsoever, Ultra quality 35+ constant FPS with no dips. The game's executable is 32 bit anyway and all of that crap regarding the system requirements was just an obvious PR move to make the game look like it's a true sequel to Crysis in terms of technical requirements.

andrewer2004d ago

"One word, console port"

hellzsupernova2004d ago

Honestly far cry 3 looks amazing on pc it's ridiculously better on low settings then on my 360
O the console you can see lines through the terrain where the textures meet and the draw distance is terrible
My mates low spec pc on low settings smokes my 360 and it would smoke the ps3 version as well
It makes me sad
Pc for me next gen and maybe a ps4 if Sony can lure me in again with their great exclusive line up

Autodidactdystopia2004d ago

my only graphical issue on farcry 3 was when climbing towers and i could see the ocean the frames would drop. pretty much whenever i looked at the ocean or horizon from a high enough place the frames would drop. all other times i was 55-60fps

weirdest performance issue ever. youd think when looking at the most empty part of the map perf would go up but NO way i think they threw a SHIt load of Post p in the volumetric godrays and DOF my only explanation.

WalterWJR2004d ago Show
kevnb2004d ago

Far cry 3 is amazing on PC, stop talking bs.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2003d ago

Nah... I have to give it yo ubi Farcry 3 on pc looks like gods day dream.

GTA 5 on “Max” Settings for PC, 16GB of RAM + graphics mods!

Mariusmssj2003d ago

I am not sure if you are aware but DSO has voted Far Cry 3 the most optimised PC game of 2012, Max Payne 3 coming in 2nd. Does not mean it will run on every machine but it mean that if you have a Quad core it will use all 4 cores

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SilentNegotiator2004d ago

Can't a PC version be confirmed before we start the speculation?

Or did it get confirmed and I missed it? Because google isn't telling me if it was.

Ezz20132004d ago

i was about to ask the same thing

ZombieNinjaPanda2004d ago

It's assumed because every GTA title has come to PC.

d0nni32004d ago

The only exception i've seen to this is planetside 2 which recommends 8GB for optimal performance at full graphic spec!

But i would agree wholeheartedly with what you've said nothing should be needing anything close to 16GB yet, it's complete overkill and bad optimization!

Snookies122004d ago

Yeah, but that has an excuse... I mean, just look at how many people are in a match at once lol.

adorie2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Doesn't Max Payne 3 utilize up to 16gb's of ram?

o.O Nevermind, It's around 3gb, the 16gb is "tested specs"

ThanatosDMC2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Yeah, 16gb ram... that's just stupid. Though i do have 12gb of ram installed but i doubt i've ever used it.

ATi_Elite2003d ago

16GB of RAM! Man I can't stop laughing!!!

amazing how idiots who don't have REAL information or hard specs just make up CRAP!

16GB of ram...what is GTAV gonna render and let you edit Live 1080p video of Los Angeles at the same time!!! LMAO!

The Icenhancer mod doesn't even require that and I guarantee you GTAV will not look better than GTAIV w/ Ice mod!

Nafon2003d ago

That's the problem with N4G. A lot of crap articles or articles about youtube videos. I guess they're good for a laugh though lol.

bikar2003d ago

Game to use more than 3.2 GB of ram needs to be 64bit
I don't think that will happen

Bladesfist2003d ago

Well dice said they were going 64bit only for future releases, the world has to move on at some point.

DeadlyFire2003d ago

Even the most unoptimized games run with 4 GB of RAM as a maximum requirement. 6 GB at most by the end of 2013.

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MrAnderson2004d ago

nothing right now even uses more than

it probably won't even need 8.

Petro2003d ago

Have to disagree with that, 4 GB is absolute minimum these days, I just few weeks ago gave my friend 12 GB of RAM cause Windows 7 + Skype + Origin + Battlefield 3 can and will eat up that 4 GB easy, and it will cause random hiccups. I would say that 6 Gb is enough for anything games can throw at you, but to be on the safe side I would go for 8 GB if you are a serious gamer. :) And if you do movie editing, rendering or any sort of textures, the more the merrier. I have 32 GB of 2400 MHz just in case, cause I'm a stupid like that :P

Bordel_19002003d ago

I agree, 4GB today on PC is an absolute minimum. Like you say, Skyrim alone eats, 3.7 GB when running on my 16 GB computer. With the OS, Skype and a couple of Chrome tabs open it easily eats 6-7 GB of RAM.

f7897902003d ago


You have something wrong with your computer. I'm only using 3.5GB with what you described plug Killing Floor open. Yes virtual memory is off.

MrAnderson2003d ago

i didn't say the rest of your computer doesn't use RAM, I simply said no games use more than 4 right now, yes if you need 4 for a game and then extra for the rest of your pc, then 4 isn't really enough, but this article is claiming 16GB for a game, that is 4x what anything is using right now, not to mention GTA5 doesn't even look as good as something like BF3 or Crysis so it's never gonna happen, like I say, I never stated the rest of your PC won't need more, but 16? give me a break.

Petro2003d ago

The article is wrong that's for sure, but your post didn't exactly specify that you meant just a game. :P Even game developers take into account the memory usage of Windows and other stuff people usually have on their computer when they report those memory requirements. :)

punisher992004d ago

No WiiU version? I thought this was why Nintendo brought out this console? But anyway. Does anyone know the native resolution this game is coded in for the PS3 and 360?

Deku-Johnny2004d ago

Where in the article does it mention the Wii U never mind whether there is a Wii U version in the works or not? This article is speculating on the PC version which no one knows if that even exists (it probably does). Why bring up three consoles in your comment that have nothing at all to do with the article?

punisher992004d ago

I just simply made an obvious observation. What difference does it make whether or not the article mentions the Wii U or not?? Its a multiplatform game.

"Why bring up three consoles in your comment that have nothing at all to do with the article?"

Because the game as we know it, is on the PS3 and 360 as the article itself stated.

Autodidactdystopia2004d ago

@ Punisher, ps3 and 360 hardcoded resolution is "Backne P" "Full SD Backne P"

Enemy2004d ago

That is one dumb theory. GTA5 was built as a console game, mostly. Why would it need 16GB to max out on PC?

fermcr2004d ago

GTA4 was also built as a console game... but you needed a pretty hefty PC to max out the game, with enhancements and mods.

d0nni32004d ago

This is nothing more than unfounded speculation, a good hit grabber for the site.

Well said Enemy