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"Remember when Hollywood tried to make a Hitman movie? Remember how bad it sucked? Apparently so does Square Enix; as they're seemingly trying to make up for it by delivering Hitman: Absolution, the latest game in the long running stealth series that's easily the most cinematic and polished game in franchise history -- but at what cost? With linear levels, an overload of quicktime events and pacing blunders; Absolution often feels like a game attempting to be Agent 47.That's not to say that there's not enjoyment to be had here -- it just often feels cheap."

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Cam9771998d ago

I agree, this strays from the core of the Hitman games. Why is there no quicksave function? If I try to experiment using different approaches and slip up I have to start the whole area again. BS. At least the "Contracts" mod is decent.