The Music of Soul Sacrifice: Recorded at Skywalker Sound

Posted by Aram Jabbari // Public Relations Manager, PlayStation

If asked, most of us can recall a favorite scene or two from a movie, a shot or sequence that lingered with us long after the lights came on and we left the theater. We retain the visual, but often it isn’t until we see that same scene muted that we discover that the music, the aural accompaniment, was a far greater part of our experience than we realized.
Just as in cinema, music is a huge part of what makes many gaming memories so rich. It’s a significant ingredient in creating a sense of grandeur and making something feel epic.

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izumo_lee1940d ago

Yasunori Mitsuda is by far one of my favorite composers in gaming so seeing him contribute his talents to Soul Sacrifice enhances what already is a game with great potential.

Add in Wataru Hokoyama who is a very decorated composer already this games music is gonna be epic!

MmaFan-Qc1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

the more i see, the more Soul Sacrifice shape up to be better than MH4.(i will still get mh4 but damn....)

Cloudberry1940d ago

Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Xenosaga Episode I, Shadow Hearts Covenant, etc.

I love most, if not, all of them.

dafegamer1940d ago

No wonder it sounds so godlike, so that guys is the composer behind the chrono and xenosaga series?
Seriously the soundtrack for this game will be fantastic

Cloudberry1940d ago

But he did only the first episode of Xenosaga though, if I recalled it correctly...

And Chrono Trigger is one of his masterpiece.

Ult iMate1940d ago

His Kirite album is also great.

Hicken1940d ago

The first Xenosaga had the best music, anyway.

-Gespenst-1940d ago

Don't forget Chrono Cross and Soma Bringer, the latter is criminally overlooked. One of his best for sure.

Kirite is pretty great too.

izumo_lee1940d ago

Kirite is spectacular!!

One of my personal faves of Mitsuda-san's is Creid. Loved the music of Xenogears & his sort of 'unplugged' take on the music with Creid is amazing.

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-Gespenst-1940d ago

If Mitsuda's in then so am I.

godofboobees1940d ago

Greatest composer ever. Xenogears was a masterpiece

dboyman1940d ago

I am impressed by the work going into this game, especially since its a PS Vita title. I know from what I've seen and heard about this title, it's Day 1 purchase for me

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