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Retailer Cuts Price of PS3 Slim Dramatically

Gadgehit.com writes: "HMV, a UK retailer, has cut the price of the 12GB PlayStation 3 Slim console to just £119.99 (including free delivery) following offers from other retailers such as GAME, who cut the price of the console to just £125. This represents an affordable option for those who wish to upgrade their current PlayStation 3 consoles, or for those who’ve never previously thought of buying a PS3." (PS3)

Dark_Overlord  +   823d ago
HMV aren't the only ones doing if for that price, Tesco have been advertising a lot on TV that price too, plus there are others.

Not a bad price, but I'd seriously consider factoring a hard drive into the price too :)
nevin1  +   823d ago
Arent HDDs cheap?
wishingW3L  +   823d ago
they are cheap and easy to install too but the average joe doesn't knows that.
Ilovetheps4  +   823d ago
A couple years back I bought a 500 GB HDD for my PS3 for around $70. It is still working perfectly and I have like 320 GB still left. So yeah, it's fairly cheap. And it took me like 5 minutes to exchange it in the original PS3.
silvacrest  +   823d ago
actually, HDDs are pretty expensive right now because the place where the vast majority are made (thailand) had very bad floods which they are still recovering from
cee773  +   823d ago
they are still cheap online I got a 500gb for like 63$ on amazon(right before the flood) they are back around that same price now

amazon and ebay 500gb as low as 60$
Knight_Crawler   823d ago | Trolling | show
Arkrite  +   823d ago
Not so in the UK
"They are but once you change your HDD you kiss your warranty good buy".
They show you how to upgrade HDD in the owners manual have also used warranty with a 500gb hdd installed by myself
ABizzel1  +   823d ago
That 12Gb needs to hit the US and soon.

$150 PS3 will fly off shelves. My guess is September 2013 for worldwide launch.
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Anon1974  +   823d ago
KnightCrawler said "once you change your HDD you kiss your warranty good buy."

Nice try. A simple Google search disproves that statement. This is right from Sony, including instructions on how to swap out the hard drive.

"Upgrading the HDD will not void the warranty, however, the consumer takes full responsibility when upgrading the HDD."

Obviously they won't warranty the hard drive you put in as a replacement, but it does nothing to void your warranty.

GribbleGrunger  +   823d ago
Knight-Crawler, so you think that Sony would put specific screws into the HDD bay and give you instructions on how to change the HDD in the manual, just so they can then laugh when you void the warranty? Even without a google search a minimum usage of common sense would have done.
Ezz2013  +   823d ago

since you don't own ps3 ..why talk about it without using google first??!!
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PirateThom  +   823d ago
£35 for a 500GB HDD and £10 for the bracket.

Also, no, it doesn't invalidate the warranty, because Sony show you how to do it and they want people to do it since there's no "Sony branded HDD"
1Victor  +   823d ago
I got lucky and have a 1tb on new egg in a shell shocker on dec 10th for $69.99 it pays to subscribe for times like this. I wish they drop the prices here in the U.S as well so I can play with it in the bathroom as well. LOL @ troll_crawler
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Bladesfist  +   822d ago
Sivacrest is correct, atleast reasearch it if you have no idea what you are talking about. Before the floods I bought a 2tb HDD for £40.

MmaFan-Qc  +   822d ago
you are clearly out of touch with the reality son.

or simply really bad at trollin.
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yeahokchief  +   822d ago
Yes. Bought both internal and external 1tb hard drives over black friday for 70 bucks each.

Took 1 night to get everything transferred. Had to redownload activation for my dlc on some games. But altogether it went very smooth.

Note that you will only have 920 gb to use for a 1tb hard drive after formatting to fat32.

Very easy to swap into your ps3 except for the screws which strip even if you are using the proper screw driver.
gameonbro   822d ago | Spam
davekaos  +   822d ago

These people you call "stupid" provided proof that you can install a HDD without voiding the warranty, if anything they are smart.

As for the person who posted that bold statement, well he is either trolling or just clueless.

The only person who is stupid is you and Knight_crawler
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   822d ago
They sure are. I have a 500gb in my ps3 and it only cost me about $40. Bought it on ebay.
My friend would be to scared to replace his hdd. He will say as usual "This might break it!! not gonna take the chance!" ugh he reeks of noob.
ABizzel1  +   822d ago
If you live in the states you can get a used Vita for only $119 (amazing price)

Waddy101  +   822d ago
You also need to buy the Hard Drive caddy which is about £10
Tei777  +   822d ago
they are cheap. I got a tiny portable (no mains power needed), stainless steel harddrive with 1TB of memory for £130. obviously you can get half the amount for around half that price. But that was for my work, I'm still not keen on the idea of having a separate attatchment hanging off my ps3. Also due to my own ignorance or whatever, I always feared it would have a negative effect on load times etc.

Now I've warmed to the idea of getting an external HDD but I would still pay a premium for a build in one. Its just one of those things...
EL Lanf  +   822d ago
3.5 internal 2TB HDDs were sub £60 (which are currently around £70) prior to thailands flooding over a year ago, the prices are coming down close to it, but still not to the October 2011 levels yet. I'd probably wager your HDD would have been less than £60. A quick amazon search shows that you can get a portable 1TB (USB 3 too, no less) for £64.

So I guess they are getting pretty cheap again, but maybe not yours ;P
Tei777  +   822d ago
Well mine is not much bigger then an Iphone, and being stainless steel its virtually indestructible lol. I think those 2 things contributed to the premium price I paid. Also I got it in early 2012, not sure what that means in regard to the thai floods/price hike.
Nick_515  +   822d ago
@El Lanf Yeah, I got really lucky. I bought all the parts to build a gaming PC RIGHT before the floods hit. I got a good 7200 RPM 1TB hard drive for exactly $60 before the price shot up to around $150. That hard drive is still at $85, though.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   823d ago
Sony doing great in Europe but they need to bring the 12 GB model to America because for one the cheapest PS3 you can buy is $269.99 while for Xbox is $199.99 and even at some retailers $179.99. Big price difference in America and it's been like this for pretty much this entire gen. Sony needs to even the playing field even though they are still doing great in sales. With PS4, Sony needs to come out in 2013 and have a competitive price point and they will no doubt win next-gen.
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Blacksand1  +   823d ago
On amazon you can buy a 500gb for $50
ABizzel1  +   823d ago

Who are you telling. I guess Europe was the testing ground since they have bought the most PS3, and a world wide launch for the 12GB PS3 September 2013, which gives us an entry level PS3 for $150.

@ Blacksand1

Yeah, and a TB for $70 with a bit a searching.
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GameSpawn  +   823d ago
Ever since they announced the 12GB (HDD-less) option I thought they should bring it to the US and introduce it under the $199 mark. Considering what it is going for in Europe now, I'd say $120-150 would be decent enough for the thing to sell like mad.

The aspect I like about the 12GB model is that it still works well as an entry level system and you can always add whatever size aftermarket drive you want, including a 128 or 256 Solid State drive which Sony doesn't offer as an option at all. I really think Sony boned the US, the rest of the world and themselves by limiting the 12GB to Europe. I understand this is probably to make up for Europe generally getting screwed over on games and extra content, but from a business perspective they would have done better off offering this world-wide at a competitive price point to the Wii and Xbox 360 Arcade/Core/4GB (or whatever it is currently being called) model.
supremacy  +   823d ago
They be wise to launch the 12gb here in the states and bundle it with say the last of us or god of war.

That would be the smart thing for them to do, but then looking at vita sales one would have to wonder if maybe that's why they haven't done so already.
dumahim  +   822d ago
There's still a bunch of Slim 160GB models out there. I just bought one over the weekend for $230 at Best Buy.
I do agree they should bring that model to the states.
kayoss  +   822d ago
I have a feeling that Sony is starting to make profits with every Super Slim PS3 sold. I think they want to keep it that way since the PS3's are still selling. I'm pretty glad that Sony is making profits i was starting to feel bad for them.
However if the 12gb comes to America, I'm pretty sure the PS3 will be flying off shelves. Sony need to be smart to and advertise on the PS3 box to alert buyer that they can easily upgrade any compatible hard drives.
Ares90  +   823d ago
Can the HDDs be replaced for larger capacity ones?
shivvy24  +   823d ago
Hicken  +   823d ago
Yep, without much issue.
mewhy32  +   823d ago
sounds like they're dumping stock.
GribbleGrunger  +   822d ago
LOL! No doubt they'll be 'dumping stock' when they reduce the Vita in price too.
sdozzo  +   823d ago
It's not American dollars... That's like fun money Cmon.
silvacrest  +   823d ago
that's funny since america is technically a new country compared to england.....
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   823d ago
... and 1 Euro dollar equals 1.32 US dollar.
SneeringImperialist  +   822d ago
euro dollar? lolwut
kayoss  +   822d ago
If you convert american dollars to euros. The Euros had better value. If Euros were funny money you can give me yours.
THESHAUNZY  +   823d ago
England called they want their 13 colonies back... Connor answered... then 300 some odd years later Assassins Creed 3 came out to let the red coats ancestors kill them in digitally.... Ubisoft... what a Frenchie.
Brian1rr  +   823d ago
They had phones back then?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   823d ago
It's because of soft Holiday sales.

But if you live in the Uk, who cares? This is a great deal!
level 360  +   823d ago
To the average Joe like myself ( own an old 40GB PS3 ) I actually found easy to install to a much larger 500GB HDD. As long as you get the correct ( just to be safe brand of HDD - Seagate ) this is also quite important - proper tools so as not to damage the screws which are shut tight and make a photocopy from the 'net the instructions.

It does take awhile once you start with the update/upgrade and this also depends on the amount of game saves you have on your old HDD.
BitbyDeath  +   823d ago
PS3 is cheaper in Oz at the moment too.
PS3 - $249
360 - $299
JimmyDanger  +   822d ago
Sure - if you're comparing RRP's for the 12gb PS3 (AUS$249) against the 250gb 360 (AUD$299).

The rrp for the 4gb 360 (the equivalent of the 12gb PS3) - is $199.

From a popular Australian retailer (note that prices listed are lower than the aforementioned RRP/SRP's)

jetpacksheep  +   823d ago
Great price for a great console, if your in the market for a blu-ray player, you can't go wrong with a PS3.
thecowsaysmoo  +   823d ago
you should be a comedian.
Main_Street_Saint  +   823d ago
Not a PS3 person I take it?
TongkatAli  +   822d ago
You should be a garbage man.
kayoss  +   822d ago
What is it that makes him a comedian? what he said is true. The PS3 is probably one of the better blu-ray out in the market right now. Its probably better than most stand alone blu-ray. Which other stand alone blu-ray out there plays game?
Aghashie  +   822d ago

totally agree with you.

3d ready
network ready
7.1 pcm/linear ready (hdmi/optic)
wifi ready
bt ready (media remote works by bt/also great for bt headphones)
streaming/home server sharing ready (share content via network between ps3, pc and other devices)
HDD ready (for storing media locally in the player, also can rip audio cd by itself)
bravia sync ready (if you have an all Sony setup -just like me- the bravia sync will do wonders for you)
plus the added benefit of having two usb ports that can be used for audio (usb headphones) or for connecting an external storage (pen drive/HDD)

and finally... you can play games on it.

all of this coming in the same box for a very low price. in my opinion, the best blu ray player ever made.
pedroyamato  +   823d ago
urwifeminder   822d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
wiiulee   822d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
kingPoS  +   822d ago
Better ghet em' quick, those second gen ps3's are disappearing fast!
If Nyko comes out with another media hub slim, them I might get the super slim ps3.

Four usb ports are too hard to give up for me (single cable hubs=trouble)The Nyko hub uses both usb ports, that way you won't overwork a single usb port.
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Reefskye  +   822d ago
This is not an normal HDD its an SSD hence why its only 12gb
onandonandon  +   822d ago
I had a hard drive on my amazon wish list which doubled in price when the floods hit where they were made, I also sold a hard drive for DOUBLE what I had paid a few years earlier so why silvacrest got ANY disagrees is ludicrous! Probably the same lynch mob who attacked knight crawler no doubt! PATHETIC!
Picnic  +   822d ago
There have been 3 'waves' of PS3s launched and the best was the second (the first PS3 'slim'). It was sturdy without being fat and had a nice matte effect and sucked in your disc. The fat console was backwards compatible but the console size (with awful Spiderman font) wasn't worth that when you could plug in your slim PS2 - with slightly better graphics on the original PS2 than the PS3 fat software emulation allows.

If you buy the latest version of the PS3 you value price over aesthetics. And with only 12gb you will need to buy a hard drive anyway unless you fancy having to delete stuff every time you want to play a different game in some cases where full size games can regularly take up 7gb of memory.

Don't be cheap- try to get the last matte PS3 with 160gb of memory (I suggest 320gb for long time gamers), not the cheapskate one for johnny come latelys.
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gaffyh  +   822d ago
Its even cheaper than the 360 here, i hink basic X360 is £149.
Tzuno   822d ago | Trolling | show
ThatsGaming  +   822d ago
"This represents an affordable option for those who wish to upgrade their current PlayStation 3 consoles".

OK, tell me how that would be an upgrade for any current PS3 owner? All current PS3's have more than 12GB HD space.

Given the mandatory installs this would be a downgrade for any current PS3 owner.
Baka-akaB  +   822d ago
i think it's about being able to replace a faulty ps3 while keeping the disk , at an affordable price
ThatsGaming  +   821d ago
It says upgrade... Not replace faulty...
thecowsaysmoo   822d ago | Trolling | show

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