Analyzing 5 Brand New GTA V Screens


Rockstar have continued their reputation as one of the most likeable game companies around, by giving those few fans of Grand Theft Auto V 5 brand new screens shots as an early Christmas gift. They also reveal some brand new information from the upcoming release and we have all the screenshots for you, so stop reading and scroll down already.

While we have the screenshots here, we might as well go through them with you guys and ponder what exactly they could mean for Grand Theft Auto V.

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Adityac1815d ago

How the fuck did this even get approved?

scotchmouth1815d ago

It probably has to do with drugs

TXIDarkAvenger1815d ago

Got a little excited but then I saw the same old picture...How this got approved is beyond me.

Audiggity1815d ago

Wow... "Now this screenshot leaves me with more questions rather than answers" Really? You literally have NO answers... just screenshots and assumptions you are making.

The "analysis" conducted didn't offer any more information than anyone with a pair of eyes and a marginally functional IQ.