DmC Devil May Cry Vergil and Stylish Play Videos

Capcom has released some new videos for DmC Devil May Cry.

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Blacktric2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Dis guy...

Also; remember how fast and relentless Vergil was and never screwed around in Devil May Cry 3? Now he swings Yamato (if that is Yamato) like a sloth and wears a fedora.

I can't wait for this amazing day 1 dinosaur DLC.

VileAndVicious2003d ago

Been waiting for this game for a while. Looks good.

panbit862003d ago

I can't wait for this game!

DragonKnight2003d ago

This video looks slower than Donte's sections. Also, this ain't in the actual game, you have to buy this. Vergil is on-disc DLC. And of course the apologisers are going to buy the DLC because they have no standards and like Capcom's practices of DLC milking and ruining franchises.

A7XEric2003d ago

You can always pre-order through gamestop if you don't want to pay for it. Power Up members get it for free I'm pretty sure

Jreca2003d ago

Actually, Vergil DLC is free.

Jreca2003d ago

Ok, my bad. I didn't pay enough attention the first day. Sink me with desagree votes >.<

Lord_Sloth2003d ago

Only if you pre-order at Gamestop. Otherwise you have to pay for it.

AsimLeonheart2003d ago

CAPCOM is desperately trying to build hype for this game. The more the release date nears, the lesser the hype is becoming. Nobody is talking about this game any more and even related articles have a handful of comments. This game is going to bomb hard and CAPCOM is feeling it. That is why they are trying to remind us every few days about the existence of this game by releasing videos, promoting "free" DLC and announcing pre-order bonuses.

Hanso2003d ago

i just looked at the german amazon charts(Top 100) for ps3 products
and DmC ranks at 66 thats terrible when you think its coming out soon xD
It is really going to bomb too many fans dont like DmC
myself included and many friends of mine

Real Dante will be happy

Ezz20132003d ago

he was never happy from the 1st time he saw DMC5 trailer

AsimLeonheart2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Yeah, you are right. The signs are already there. The game isnt even in the top 30 pre-order list on VgChartz. CAPCOM got away with Resident Evil 6 to some extent due to the brand name recognition and shooter theme but they will not get away with this game. DMC is known for its gameplay, style and Dante himself. This game lacks everything that makes a DMC game, a DMC game. Ninja Theory and CAPCOM must already be thinking excuses for the game flopping hard. LOL!

TRU3_GAM3R2003d ago

Lol the combat is so Funny /:

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The story is too old to be commented.