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DmC Devil May Cry Vergil and Stylish Play Videos

Capcom has released some new videos for DmC Devil May Cry. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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StifflerK  +   1138d ago
Looks good.
Blacktric  +   1138d ago
Dis guy...

Also; remember how fast and relentless Vergil was and never screwed around in Devil May Cry 3? Now he swings Yamato (if that is Yamato) like a sloth and wears a fedora.

I can't wait for this amazing day 1 dinosaur DLC.
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VileAndVicious  +   1138d ago
Been waiting for this game for a while. Looks good.
panbit86  +   1138d ago
I can't wait for this game!
DragonKnight  +   1138d ago
This video looks slower than Donte's sections. Also, this ain't in the actual game, you have to buy this. Vergil is on-disc DLC. And of course the apologisers are going to buy the DLC because they have no standards and like Capcom's practices of DLC milking and ruining franchises.
A7XEric  +   1138d ago
You can always pre-order through gamestop if you don't want to pay for it. Power Up members get it for free I'm pretty sure
Jreca  +   1138d ago
Actually, Vergil DLC is free.
Jreca  +   1138d ago
Ok, my bad. I didn't pay enough attention the first day. Sink me with desagree votes >.<
Lord_Sloth  +   1138d ago
Only if you pre-order at Gamestop. Otherwise you have to pay for it.
AsimLeonheart  +   1138d ago
CAPCOM is desperately trying to build hype for this game. The more the release date nears, the lesser the hype is becoming. Nobody is talking about this game any more and even related articles have a handful of comments. This game is going to bomb hard and CAPCOM is feeling it. That is why they are trying to remind us every few days about the existence of this game by releasing videos, promoting "free" DLC and announcing pre-order bonuses.
Hanso  +   1138d ago
i just looked at the german amazon charts(Top 100) for ps3 products
and DmC ranks at 66 thats terrible when you think its coming out soon xD
It is really going to bomb too many fans dont like DmC
myself included and many friends of mine

Real Dante will be happy
Ezz2013  +   1138d ago
he was never happy from the 1st time he saw DMC5 trailer

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AsimLeonheart  +   1138d ago
Yeah, you are right. The signs are already there. The game isnt even in the top 30 pre-order list on VgChartz. CAPCOM got away with Resident Evil 6 to some extent due to the brand name recognition and shooter theme but they will not get away with this game. DMC is known for its gameplay, style and Dante himself. This game lacks everything that makes a DMC game, a DMC game. Ninja Theory and CAPCOM must already be thinking excuses for the game flopping hard. LOL!
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TRU3_GAM3R  +   1138d ago
Lol the combat is so Funny /:
TemplarDante  +   1138d ago
Im not buying this DmC.
If you're a true fan of the old
-game engine (60fps)
-cooler Dante than this junkie.
You will join me in NOT buying this garbage.
I warn you.. if you do buy it.. you're tempting Capcom to give NT the Onimusha license too!
So lets not buy and watch it bomb :)
Hanso  +   1138d ago
Myself and many people that i know wont buy it either
hahhaha cant wait for NT's new excuse xD
HellzAssassin  +   1138d ago
I won't buy it either. Maybe when it hits the $20 bargain bin. Still looks like a good action game in general, but NOT a DMC game. In fact, I'll just be playing the DMC HD Collection :D
CrimsonDragon90  +   1137d ago
Wow what a butthurt fanboy. Really now your begging people not to buy this game. Is this what it has come too. Butthurt fanboys begging other gamers who want to play this game not to buy it. You do realize some of us who want the new game are also fans of the old series. Sure others and me where disappointed when we heard that dmc was getting a reboot. But once new info came out the game was becoming interesting.

You fanboys are the worst. I remember when Nero was announce as the new lead character for dmc4 it cause fanboy rage. Why is not Dante playable is all I heard. They couldn't give Nero a chance. And thanks to the fanboys bitching. Capcom took your advice and got Dante playable in the game. So what we got was a good start game follow by a second part where it had a lot of backtracking and repetive levels. And who can forget the petition to boycott dmc4 because it was going to the Xbox 360.

Yea butthurt fanboys are saying the new DmC will never reach the same sell numbers as dmc4. Well how did dmc4 reach those sell numbers. I don't know maybe because capcom decided to make it go multi platform and reach other players. A decision that was first criticize by butthurt fanboys. And now are bragging Dmc4 sold a lot.

That's why I don't listen to butthurt fanboys or respect them. Because they think they know what's best. But they don't know shit. All they are good for is opening their mouth and criticize everything that doesn't appeal to them. And what is dumb if they don't like the game why do they continue to pay interest to it. That only proves you are butthurt.
vanethe  +   1138d ago
not gonna buy it
andshesays  +   1138d ago
im getting this game, it looks vibrant, stylish and was a pleasure to play on the ps3, so ill be getting this first day as I like the characters and the way its going is a great refresh, besides even though I did like the original dante, the new dante is pretty cool too!
youndamie  +   1137d ago
izumo_lee  +   1138d ago
Boy that 30fps really stands out in these videos. The combat looks slower compared to older videos of past Devil May Cry games.

I am not gonna judge or jump to conclusions whether this game will be good or not but Devil May Cry is well known for its fast combat & i just do not see it with DmC.
elda  +   1138d ago
I've played all the DmC games & I'm a fan,I've pre-ordered this new DmC,can't wait to play it & I'll be the JUDGE if this game is good or bad not by any reviewers or other peoples opinion.
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AsimLeonheart  +   1138d ago
Yeah sure, as you wish. But by the time you decide that this game is bad, you already would have wasted your $60. Do people really need to waste their hard earned money to decide if a game is bad? Reviews, demos and impressions are for that purpose. To help us save our money and make the right decision before it is too late.
Katana Yamato  +   1138d ago
Who are you to tell anyone what to do with there money?
AsimLeonheart  +   1138d ago
@ Katana Yamato
Didnt you have anything else to say when replying to my post? I only pointed out a flaw in his logic. What good is it deciding that the game was bad after you have bought it. He can burn all his money in the fireplace this winter, for all I care.
VileAndVicious  +   1138d ago

your right.looks awful

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DragonKnight  +   1138d ago
I doubt you're a fan and have played the past games. I say that because the abbreviation for the older games is DMC. All capital letters. This one is DmC so even the name looks stupid. You can judge the game based on the demo since it released 2 months before the game is going to release. 2 months isn't enough time to make major changes and the game has definitely already gone gold so this game sucks and is going to suck bad when it releases.
elda  +   1138d ago
Who cares if you doubt I'm a DmC fan because the way I abbreviate Devil May Cry this is one of many of STUPID reasons why people here give their DUMB reasons why they don't like the new DmC especially when they have yet to experience the entire game,I'm GROWN so I'll BUY what I want,if I choose to waste my 60 dollars which I doubt I will thats my choice.I played the demo & I enjoyed it,alot of people here that come to these DmC forums spew the same Negative bullsh*t all the time,if you can waste your energy all the time about a game you SUPPOSEDLY DON'T LIKE IS PATHETIC & TIRESOME.These same people are going to buy this game & waste their 60 dollars also because their so-called hate for DmC is really love...LMAO!!!
DragonKnight  +   1138d ago
So let me get this straight. Talking about how great this game looks, how you can't wait to play it, how it's awesome and all that before it's out is perfectly alright and justified and makes you fans. But when people who've built this franchise with their hard earned money see a terrible game with terrible/broken combat, a ridiculous story, annoying characters, and with every piece of new information that comes out they see a terrible game; they aren't allowed to say anything about it, and if they do they are "wasting their energy" and should shut up because all that should be said is about how great a terrible game is?

People like you are why games like Resident Evil 6 exist, why day one or on-disc DLC exist. Because you are apologisers with no standards who want people who actually want their money to go to something worth it to be something of real substance and quality to stay silent.

I can guaran-damn-tee you that I HATE DmC and I wouldn't be caught dead with this game coming anywhere close to my PS3. That is a stone cold fact, and I will gladly give anyone my PSN ID to prove that you will NEVER see a single moment of that game being played on my console, and you will NEVER see a single trophy in my list from this terrible excuse for a Devil May Cry game published by one of the worst Japanese studios and developed by developers so mediocre that you can describe the entirety of their efforts in the gaming industry with one word... "Meh."

It should occur to you that there is constant hate for this game because there is reason to have constant hate for this game. Oh but I'm sure that you, like the rest of the apologisers, cling steadfastly to the notion that it's "all about Dante's hair."

Have fun ruining franchises, and when one franchise goes too far and you find yourself on the other side of the fence, I expect your mouth to be shut about it.

@Katana: Obviously you don't understand what trolling is. Trolling is done without real reason, done just for the sake of it. Everything I say has a direct purpose. To show that I, and those fans with like mind, have yet to find any redeeming qualities in this game. And you're right, I did say that. No one cares about DmC, but we care about the Devil May Cry franchise. Therein lies the difference.
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VileAndVicious  +   1138d ago
DragonKnight you may be a troll...

But your my favorite troll as I do enjoy reading you comments.They always make me laugh.
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Katana Yamato  +   1138d ago
@ Dragon: You are not a DmC fan, you are a DMC fan. You have made your case more then well known here, so i don't know why you continue to troll other people who find this game interesting or at least optimistic about it. I think alot of people already know that some of the original series fans do not like this game. But that is only a select few, they don't speak for anyone else. And last i heard you weren't voted for as the spokesperson for the original DMC fanbase.

If you care about the DMC franchise then care about it when Capcom feels to announce DMC 5. But for now, if you don't consider this game a DMC game, then ignore it just like people ignore DMC 2 and pretend it doesn't exist.

I don't know why people who find this game interesting have to defend themselves from the few self-entitled fans who don't share there opinion. Its like if a GOW fan came into a DMC forum and complained that DMC sucks compared to GOW. No one cares and no one wants people like those around. Good for you that you don't find this game interesting, to others, they find it interesting. Opinions, ya know.
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torchic  +   1137d ago
that has to be one of the worst things I've ever read. he's not a true Devil May Cry fan because of the way he abbreviates Devil May Cry? wooooooooooow
Katana Yamato  +   1138d ago
@Asim: Some countries don't have Gameflys' to rent games from. And also, he can always send it back for a refund or sell the game online. He doesn't have to stay stuck with a game that he finds out is bad. But the question is, i wonder why he didn't make a judgement for the demo. But whatever. Its none of our business what he spends him money in.

@Dragon: Why do you compel yourself to troll in every article pertaining to DmC? I thought you said in another article that no one cares. You're not making yourself a good example to that comment...
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elda  +   1138d ago
@Katana....thank you for your mature comment it's amazing how these trolls have nerve to tell someone that a game is going to be bad & how someone is wasting their money I thought people were grown enough to make THEIR OWN JUDGEMENTS & DECISIONS on what to play or how they spend their hard earned money.@Dragonknight....again your rant is tiresome,pathetic & boring I"M still going to buy & play the new & improved DmC you're not changing my mind or anybody elses that want to play this game,go to another forum that your interested in because some of us do want to play this game,,case closed.
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j-blaze  +   1138d ago
unlike you, DragonKnight is a true fan who are you to say he's troll? also, didn't you hate this game before, what happened now? you NT fanboys can wast your money on this junk all you want...enjoy your reality tv, media curruption, cable news bullshit....i suggest you change your avatar and put Donte or that NT guy picture fits you well

on topic: now wannabe Vergil's combat look slow and lame good job NT...after this game flops Capcom will learn a lesson and hopefully we will have a true DMC game made by a Japanese devs!
Sevir  +   1138d ago
it seems like they Gave Virgil Dante's Trickster Style from DMC3
:-) Man I can't wait. January 15th is right around the corner! I'm really excited!
BelieveinGhosts  +   1138d ago
As usual what n4g users say have little significance on the game industry. Any time there is an article on this website about games like Call of Duty or resident Evil, immediately you all start bragging about how you wont buy it bla bla bla bla. In the case of Call of Duty, most of you make a U-turn immediately the game is released.

On the other hand, the great sales of Resident Evil 6 shows that either most of you bought it at some point or you are among the 2% that have no effect on the success of the franchise. By all means vent your frustrations on n4g but by now, it is obvious that developers dont check n4g for community feed back. It is almost as futile as the socom fans still lurking around on playstation blog/ praying for a Socom 2 HD remake.

I wouldn't call it pathetic but it is a WASTE of time and energy :)

I am very sure that if most of you rallied up like this and commented all over a big site like IGN that developers would take you more seriously.
#12 (Edited 1138d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   1138d ago
Like you've said n4g is but a drop in the gaming community , bought or not , it got no effect in the grand schemes of things .

Cod being successful obviously doesnt mean that n4g "haters" changed their mind or didnt vote with their wallet , just that they are outnumbered either way .

Anyway in the case at hands , nothing besides praises of mainstream journalists and bloggers , is displaying so far some big interest over the game . Allw e have are tiny squabble between haters and fans , and most gamers not even caring about the genre as a whole .

Let's not pretend it's some huge blockbuster game franchise that people are suddenly hating on because it's "too popular" or dont get its success . It's an unproven entry and reboot in a at best midly successive franchise from a rather niche genre .

" it is obvious that developers dont check n4g for community feed back."

Highly unlikely , especially when they address in a few cases like DmC , comments in interviews . They can just obviously choose to ignore feedback .

"I wouldn't call it pathetic but it is a WASTE of time and energy :)

I am very sure that if most of you rallied up like this and commented all over a big site like IGN "

Now that's ridiculous , whatever the site involved it wouldnt change a thing ... positive or not people share their thoughts on games , regardless of their impact on sales that's all .

Going with the flow and keeping things inside , on boards precisely made for that , is pathetic
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CDzNutts  +   1138d ago
Oh I miss thee so.
ShaunCameron  +   1137d ago
And quiet as kept DmC will turn out better than RE6. But won't sell anywhere near what it sold be it first week or lifetime.
josephayal  +   1137d ago
two copies day 1
Maybe the best game i've ever seen in my life
aLiEnViSiToR  +   1137d ago
Watch and enjoy... nothing more to say.

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Omnislash  +   1137d ago

Go buy something else or save your money for other games. Do not give this game any attention or your hard earned money.
VileAndVicious  +   1137d ago
Nah...I'm gonna buy it. Day one
Omnislash  +   1137d ago
Thank you for ruining video games.
VileAndVicious  +   1137d ago
Any time.

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