Microsoft's Countdown to 2013 Sale. Take advantage of the Holiday, Today: Borderlands 2

Ten days ago, Microsoft began their "Countdown to 2013" holiday sale. Every day until the 1st, a new title will be on sale and today, it's Borderlands 2. Yesterday was Counter Strike: Global Offensive and tomorrow, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Even if you've missed out on yesterday's deal, I highly recommend you get Counter Strike on the Xbox.

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RamsesNum11945d ago

Thank you microsoft. I mean take advantage of this deal guys, lots of great titles and low prices to benefit from : )

Belking1945d ago

Same here. Iv'e bought some great games that i missed out on and now i got them for a cheaper price. I check live everyday. I got metro2033 for only $10:00 the other day.

GreenRanger1945d ago

I'm all over anything that's discounted or free.

R_A_LEE201945d ago

Btw, Skyrim is on sale on Sunday, tomorrow is The Walking Dead.