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Lots of Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin screenshots

Square Enix released a bunch of screenshots from Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin. (Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin, PC, Xbox 360)

Tetsujin  +   642d ago
I saw how stupid easy this game is from when I played back in the 75 days; and I'll pass at this point. Even if it's new jobs that just means more stupid voidwatch/abyssea runs for no name gear to look "l33t."
Blackcanary  +   642d ago
Dude thank you i miss the 75 days. now everyone just goes to abyssea whats the point of having all those areas if no one party's in them.
Blasphemy  +   642d ago
Things change and that's the way it is. Things will never be the same again.
zgoldenlionz  +   642d ago
Yeah and the worst part is people don't get a chance to learn their jobs so all you have are level 99 players that don't skill chain or magic burst or really know much at all about what their job entails.

I remember when people wanted blm in their parties and people would get in trouble for just popping off weaponskills. I also remember when people started to not know what magic bursts were. I also remember when people wouldn't join a party unless you had 2x bard or a bard and corsair. TP burns = none of us really know our jobs but it's ok cause check out that exp! And that really doesn't exist anymore since abyssea, it's too bad the game was so much fun and challenging.

I've been playing the alpha for 14 and while its not 11 nor as awesome it's actually beginning to be a lot of fun. I hope that fans of 11 will give the revamp of 14 a try, it's lightyears better than what the game was like at launch.

I really loved FFXI played from 2003-2010 so there's still a small chance I'll pick this expansion up just to experience what the game is all about now even though I don't agree with what direction the game took.
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Blackcanary  +   642d ago
You can say that again i hate the fact as a white mage i go into abyssea and i get people not wearing any gear. And i hate the worm camp its just stupid people running around like headless chicken.
AlphaNerd1980  +   642d ago
I still have hope that they'll do something to make the standard party structure viable again. As cool as it was to finally get my level 75 in aby (I didn't have the time to put into the game like I would have liked), I miss having a defined role in a 6 person group.

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