Xboxic: Ninja Gaiden II "demo" disappoints

Xboxic writes: Just about anyone who's been keeping an eye on the content coming out of GDC had to be excited to see that a Ninja Gaiden II demo was coming in the onslaught of GDC content. Well now the demo is available for selection in the GDC menu, although it's not what we, and countless others, were expecting.

The demo that we were all fired up for is simply a video of Tomonobu Itagaki playing through a level of the game at GDC. For those of you away from your 360s, the video below is a run through of the same level by a different player and without Itagaki's commentary or controller issues, the battery on his wireless controller died twice during the demo. Aside from the disappointment at the poor labeling of the DLC, the video itself shows a game that looks better and better each time we see it.

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spandexxking3948d ago

god i see where this is going! it was just a demo the game is gonna be better. the uncharted demo wasnt that great (as in content, not graphics, the're the best IMO) but the game was amazing in the end.

jtmill073948d ago

The last cut scene was nice

princejb1343948d ago

wow he got chained saw on his neck and just deflected the chainsaw with his arm, what is he god

cloud3603948d ago

the battery on his wireless controller died twice during the demo

at gt i hard a baboon say xbox is better because it has batteries and ps3 doesnt ahahahahah

MikeGdaGod3948d ago

i don't know.......looks good to me

poopface13947d ago

I also think its on very easy. On the harder difficulty im surethat that will f' him up.

Bill Gates3948d ago

Aah, you gotta love those battery operated controllers......AAHAHAHAHAHAH HA

Sony sucks balls3948d ago

Yeah especially since you can get a replacable and rechargable battery pack. Wow that really sucks that if you have a battery issue you don't need to buy a new controller. c'mon Metal queer and anal Fantasy will come out sometime in the next few years i'm sure. Hold your breathe for Killzone 2. Ha Ha Ha !!!!!

HarryEtTubMan3948d ago

LMAO look at this punk a$$ XBOT all hot and bothered because 360 keeps getting owned.... and STILL has nothing coming out but Gears 2(whcich everyone already klnew).... o wait and Goldeneye from the N64 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH AHAHHA

Stay mad and jealous fool. You console is still the biggest P.O.S ever created and EVERYONE knows PS3 ha the biggest games coming this year. Get used to it.

Marceles3948d ago

Ah I see...weird headline...disappointed that the "demo" was a video and not a playable demo, but I'm liking how flashy the game is turning out to be. It actually woke me up a little while falling asleep at work..

poos33948d ago

MISLEADING HEADLINE FROM troll who posted it.

BloodySinner3948d ago

Look at the original title from the source next time before accusing others.

Vertius3947d ago

A misleading title about a story regarding a misleading title. I don't see a problem.