Oddworld Developers “Still Working on” Getting Abe into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Back in September we shared Oddworld Inhabitant’s plight/general attempt to get Oddworld‘s Abe into PlayStation All-Stars. At the time, Stewart Gilray explained that SuperBot Entertainment wasn’t showing any interest in including the PS1′s semi-iconic, frog-faced, RuptureFarm fleeing fiend in All-Stars. Now it seems that, despite effort on the Oddworld Inhabitants behalf, not a lot of progress is being made.

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ftwrthtx1913d ago

He needed to be included at launch

ayabrea931913d ago

superbot should be jumping at the chance for abe, I know nis want a disgaea representative in and Altus want teddy in so there could be some interesting characters on the way hopefully

Soldierone1913d ago

Which I don't understand why they were not included to begin with. NIS wanted Disgea included from the get go...

You have companies asking to be in the game, whats the excuse behind that? I understand Activision being greedy with Crash, but not this. Perhaps Fat Princess wouldn't sell as DLC so she took a spot.

AznGaara1913d ago

Whoa NIS wants a Disgaea character in it? It better be Laharl! I've been waiting for Kat DLC to launch but now I can't help but want this game now lol.

Blastoise1913d ago

We need a Prinny. Would be epic. SO many possible finishing moves with Disgaea games.

r211913d ago

It kinda feels like a facepalm to not include any Disgaea characters. Disgaea games feels like an exclusive franchise for playstation.

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The story is too old to be commented.