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Oddworld Developers “Still Working on” Getting Abe into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Back in September we shared Oddworld Inhabitant’s plight/general attempt to get Oddworld‘s Abe into PlayStation All-Stars. At the time, Stewart Gilray explained that SuperBot Entertainment wasn’t showing any interest in including the PS1′s semi-iconic, frog-faced, RuptureFarm fleeing fiend in All-Stars. Now it seems that, despite effort on the Oddworld Inhabitants behalf, not a lot of progress is being made.
-PSLS (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

ftwrthtx  +   730d ago
He needed to be included at launch
NukaCola  +   730d ago
yes, abe is awesome
doctorstrange  +   730d ago
Do it
strigoi814  +   730d ago
Do it dang it!!
ayabrea93  +   730d ago
superbot should be jumping at the chance for abe, I know nis want a disgaea representative in and Altus want teddy in so there could be some interesting characters on the way hopefully
Soldierone  +   730d ago
Which I don't understand why they were not included to begin with. NIS wanted Disgea included from the get go...

You have companies asking to be in the game, whats the excuse behind that? I understand Activision being greedy with Crash, but not this. Perhaps Fat Princess wouldn't sell as DLC so she took a spot.
AznGaara  +   730d ago
Whoa NIS wants a Disgaea character in it? It better be Laharl! I've been waiting for Kat DLC to launch but now I can't help but want this game now lol.
Blastoise  +   730d ago
We need a Prinny. Would be epic. SO many possible finishing moves with Disgaea games.
r21  +   729d ago
It kinda feels like a facepalm to not include any Disgaea characters. Disgaea games feels like an exclusive franchise for playstation.
isarai  +   730d ago
explosive farts please
dafegamer  +   730d ago
farts of joy :)
TooTall19  +   730d ago
Jack Frost (Atlus) and Prinny (NIS) will become characters eventually.
RmanX1000  +   730d ago
Now Abe isnt part of my childhood. I grew up with Ape Escape as my main PS love :3... But in all honesty, ABE IS MORE ICONIC THAN FAT PRINCESS. Why is she even in the game?! Ive never heard of Fat Princess before All-Stars. I at least knew about Abe and other Oddworld things! And there are 3 companies who WANT their characters in the game, and SuperBot doesnt seem to be taking initiative. "Here SuperBot, we are giving you permission to expand your roster and improve the game." "No thanks, we think Fat Princess, Evil Cole, and Big Daddy got this." It just baffles me that as of now, SuperBot isnt taking advantage of the companies willingly giving use of their IPs. Abe should be in it. He's iconic to many, and is even being given away for the most part. ABE FOR ALL STARS! BAAATTLEEE!
smashcrashbash  +   730d ago
Oh yeah because like most gamers you think its just so simple. everyone just runs over to every one else and says 'hey can I borrow a character?' and they say 'sure you can'. No one including Superbot has anything else to do and developers just hand out characters like rain. They just hand out their IPs every day to anyone that asks with no negotiations or any type of conferences at all. If the people offered Fat Princess they should have said 'Oh no thanks. We would prefer our roster to be smaller because as we know PlayStation owners would never gripe and b***h about that. Instead we will go to the people who we are not sure who will give us anything and hold them at gun point until we get what we want. After all it is not us asking them it is them who will lose out if they don't give us anything'.Superbot is the one that has them over a barrel. And let's not forget that obviously Superbot and Sony don't have their own goals and schedules to think about.

The minute the Just Water people called them about Abe they should just drop everything they are doing and rush right over.As per usual people think that businesses run like lemonade stands. Everything is so simple. Sony asks for Cloud and SE will just give them him out of the kindness of their hearts because you asked nicely.Everyone just has free reign over what everyone else has with no restrictions or obstacles. They MUST make time for every single developer because they have nothing else to do. They have even more developers to talk to and DLC to make and they must put Just Water at the top of the list because you say so? What happened to Crash and Spyro being priority? What makes you think Abe is even a priority when they have whole lists of characters to negotiate for? Abe could be in the fourth or fifth set of DLC on the schedule for all we know? Why should he be any higher? Because you say so? What about the people who thought Lara or Wander or Croc should have been a priority? Should they drop everything for them too?
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rainslacker  +   729d ago
What crash was getting at was that just because they want their characters in the game, doesn't mean that Sony and a 3rd party could come into an agreement on licensing terms.

I would also add that if they came in late to the development process, there may not have been time to actually get them into the game. It's not like they license IP rights to a character and it goes in with just a character model. Things have to be programmed, balanced, tested, tuned, and retested many times, and additional resources have to be created to have them in the game. At some point they have to draw the line and say, "This is what will be in the game". It's like that for every single game produced, where you get a code lock, and what's there is there.
League_of_Draven  +   730d ago
Basically the company & the fans want him in there but Superbot doesn't want him in there because they want to throw in a bunch of garbage characters (like Lightning) instead.
RmanX1000  +   730d ago
Since when was Lightning even mentioned by SuperBot?
Ultr  +   730d ago
what is superbot, A company of like 30people ok? now compare it to other studios, AND NOW think how fast they can create that game and additional characters
Kennytaur  +   730d ago
Didn't that guy from Superbot, Omar or something, say he loved Abe? Abe should get in the game, or the sequel. And Stranger too!
AhmadSA  +   729d ago
Stranger would perfect! Guns, melee and acrobatics; He's got everything!
nevin1  +   730d ago

"Why is she even in the game?! Ive never heard of Fat Princess before All-Stars."

I think all 1st party characters should be eligible.
RmanX1000  +   730d ago
Then Wild Arms should be here. Legend of Dragoon, Dark Cloud, Blasto, Genji, Eye of Judgement, Invizimals, Mark of Kri, MAG, Rouge Galaxy, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, White Night Chronicles, Gran Turismo, Arc the Lad, WarHawk, and Journey. Any, not all, of the listed series, should have had a character or area representing the games over Fat Princess. I know Mark of Kri has an item or two, which is something i guess. But it still wouldve made more sense to include a character from there over Fat Princess. I just feel that she doesnt belong in this fighting game and think she is just left over from when All-Stars was in the "capture the flag" design stages. This is all opinion. And im not saying "OH SUPER BOT IS DUMB." Im merely saying there couldve been more choices. To each his own. I may be a one man army, but ive said my bit and stand by it.
360ICE  +   729d ago
Haha, a Ferrari 599 from Gran Turismo. Could you imagine?

A race driver maybe. Oooh, maybe the Stig.
rainslacker  +   729d ago
Yes, and we could have waited 10 years for this game to hit the market. That's a hell of a lot of IP's to include into a new game, and being a new IP there is risk that it could bomb big-time.
Relientk77  +   730d ago
Please do it, Abe from Oddworld is amazing and some of his moves would be hilarious
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360ICE  +   730d ago
Cloud, Snake, Crash and Spyro are the really important ones. And Lara Croft should really be in there too. Not against Abe though. He belongs in there... More than Fat Princess anyway.
badvlad  +   730d ago
I want a new Oddworld game damn that game was fun to play and the last one on the old xbox was different but even better. Of all 1000´s of games ive played i still remember this game alot more tha others
ginsunuva  +   730d ago
Why WOULDNT Superbot want more characters?
Haha123  +   730d ago
Why?, I mean the game flopped so bad....

Ultr  +   730d ago
you have no idea what flopped bad means pal :)

you know why, because you have no idea how much money that game cost them to make right? do you? if so please enlighten me :)
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spacedelete   729d ago | Personal attack | show
Haha123  +   729d ago
for a game "all sony fans wanted" I'm surprised nobody actually bought it
Ultr  +   729d ago
Im saying this because: Superbot is made of like 30 people. The marketing-campaing is oviously WAAAAY smaller than like an ACreed game or any other big title.
SO WHY should a quarter MILLION mean it flopped bad? even if its just out for more than a MONTH?? this has nothing to do with fanboyism just logic.
dkgshiz  +   729d ago
Oddworld Inhabitants hasn't made a game since 2005. What have they been up to these past 7 years? How does a company even stay in business if they are not working on anything? They make really good games and I just don't understand why they haven't made anything this gen. I realize they are doing the HD upgrades for their games but that doesn't count.
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Blank  +   729d ago
Not to pick on you or anything but saying HD remakes dont count is kind of messed up I think its awesome they are doing remakes I always heard of strangers wrath but never played but thanks to the remake I play on my vita and I LOVE IT! Im asking myself "where has this game been all my life?!" you shoud be a little more grateful their doors are open at all! I also am aware about how they love there fans I get this feeling that aside profit these guys do it to make their fanbase happy while spreading their name and unique IPs to the new generatio. Or even for any gen that missed out on their charming masterpieces
GarandShooter  +   729d ago
Love their fans? By cancelling development on the PS2 due to Lorne Lanning not liking the chipset? I bought Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exodus on PS1 and Oddworld showed me love by cancelling the Munch and Stranger games on the PS2. They chose to stop supporting their fans on Playstation products. I would have had to buy an XBox to continuing playing the series. Sure sounds like Oddworld taking one for the team to me.

I get these were business decisions, as are the HD remakes, yet I can't help but feel they're trying to recover lost revenue caused by their horrendous decision to not support the PS2. In that regard I agree with dkgshiz, the HD remakes are primarily a revenue stream, not fan service.

I am not grateful to any company that allows me to give them my hard earned cash in exchange for a product or service as that is their intended purpose. Companies are supposed to be grateful and appreciative of their customer base who provide them with income. Oddworld Inhabitants didn't seem grateful for the support I gave them on the PS1 by abandoning me on the PS2.
Tei777  +   729d ago
Sorry but this character has no basis to be in the game. His move set would be forced and for the most part uninteresting. I'm not saying there aren't already bad fits in Battle Royal (fat princess/parappa), but I don't think they should add to the list. Someone mentioned Lightning, regardless of what you think of FFXIII she would be a brilliant addition.

On a slightly off note, Superbot should of had the guts to have gone almost completely in the direction of mature characters as opposed to forcing themselfs to be like Supersmash. Just playing online the last week, seeing the people who most choose to be and knowing who I prefer to play as myself; Kratos should have been used as a basis for the character rooster. I think Jack and Daxter+ Ratchet is the furthest they should have strayed in terms of the cartoony aesthetic. It would have made for a far more agreeable art style overall and maybe allowed the title to stand out more against smash bros.
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Blackcanary  +   729d ago
I just think they need to add a few more girls to the line up.
Having Monica from Dark Cloud 2 would be great. Even characters from white Knight chronicles or primal would be great.
andshesays  +   729d ago
abe was a legend on ps1, but do any of you guys remember this

i was hooked on the demo might have been DEMO1 for PS1


I wish this character was in the game!!!
MYSTERIO360  +   729d ago
Abe:Add me

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