New Metal Gear Online Images

The Magic Box have a dose of new Metal Gear Online screenshots. Metal Gear Online will be sell with Metal Gear Solid 4 which is due sometime this year.

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Fishy Fingers3919d ago

I love it more everytime i see it!

Guys we're gonna have to get an N4G clan on the go!!

games4fun3919d ago

those actual shields? because if that is true that is so awesome i hope you can lay a shield wherever you want because i will lay a shield against something and set a trap and shoot whoever goes near it lol

drtxprt3919d ago

lol. good idea. I used to stun guys in mgo and put a claymore by their body with it facing in and then when their teammates would come to kick and wake up the stunned guy, they would both blow up. Can't wait.

iNcRiMiNaTi3919d ago

that the green frog thingy on top of peoples head isnt here. neither is the rubber duck. it was funny seeing people run around with those

HeartlesskizZ3919d ago

Ga-Ko is back(yellow Duck)
and the KEROTAN(green Frog) is not confirm yet...

Capture the Ker... was my fev mode along with Survival

iNcRiMiNaTi3919d ago

lol this should be real good. especially with the new hardware, its gonna be crazy.

now that u put the names, i remember them now. i got the kerotan rank before and got the stealth camo in mgs3. and as long as they have either of those 2 im good. u said ga-ko is confirmed so its better than nothing

HeartlesskizZ3919d ago

I CANT wait to get my Fox Hound Rank again =D

Im very happy they still have the Ga-ko mode =P

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The story is too old to be commented.