10 Hilarious Video Game Memes of 2012

"These memes have been picked from games that have been released this year, and considering games like Borderlands 2 were really hilarious, finding terrific memes weren’t that hard. This list consist of popular games like Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 and Dishonored, just to name a few."

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Reverent1940d ago

Gamingbolt...? Eh... Guys, is it worth it? Or are all 10 of their choices on seperate pages like usual for them?

UnHoly_One1940d ago

Yup, 10 different pages. lol

vickers5001940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Here's what the image captions all say, just imagine some random screenshot of the game attached to them:

FC3- Has Cell phone with connection; doesn't call for help
Bo2- Russians Attacking With Helicopters and Tanks? We better attack straight on with horses
Borderlands2-Wants you to collect $9 from a guy; Rewards you with a gun worth $2000
Dishonored-Accused of Murder; Proves innocence by murdering everyone
ME3-Being chased by reapers? Just orbit a planet
AC3-Changes name so nobody knows he's native american; still wears native american clothes
RE6-Safest, most reliable way of killing zombies? Melee attack
Halo4-Discovers highly advanced ancient technology never before seen by mankind; instantly knows how to reload and fire
Diablo3: Repair Cost 27,000; quest reward 800
Hitman: Has barcode on main character; doesn't put it on box art to confuse checout clerks

Hopefully that saved some of you a few clicks

ab5olut10n1940d ago

Thanks. I'd hate to support these clowns or whatculture for that matter.

crackforgangstas1939d ago

Thank you for that, they're scamming for site hits... this type of thing should be illegal, lol

ZombieNinjaPanda1939d ago

Cancer of the highest degree. There's awful, and then there's what this "article" just wrote.

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BlindGuardian1940d ago

those are not memes, they're individual jokes, for joke to be a meme it needs to be recurring with small variations, not a one time thing like these

Rivitur1940d ago

Same thing I was thinking... I started reading and was thinking to myself why the hell would this be repeated over and over again in a game.

Mutant-Spud1940d ago

They're puns really or an attempt at ironic observational humour, memes are self replicating ideas or concepts, like slogans or buzz words. Memes are usually linguistic tools designed with a particular goal in mind, such as in advertising or political campaigning.

DeeZee1939d ago

Yeah, putting these lists on 10 pages is just a cheap way to get 10x pageviews for the article.

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I1940d ago

Separate pages far from hilarious

solar1940d ago

"changes name so no knows he's native american"


PhantomT14121940d ago

Besides, I think it was more about having a name easier to say than hiding his identity...

Campy da Camper1940d ago

It's like a bunch of monkeys are sitting in a basement and trying to come up with ideas that will give them enough click revenue for another bag of Doritios and a 6 pack of Mountain Dew. Here, have some of mine for free...

Amnesia Dark Decent: Teeth chattering yet doesn't use pliers on table to rip them out.

Super Mario Brothers: Girlfriend keeps getting kidnapped yet doesn't call Liam Nielson.

Fatal Frame: Ghosts appear when taking pictures yet doesn't just buy a webcam to use remotely.

See, and all on one page!

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