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Giancarlo Valdes writes: Developer Terminal Reality certainly has its hands full as it tries to maintain the franchise’s phenomenal success across comics, games, and television shows. The show’s viewership has steadily increased with the airing of each season, with 10.5 million people tuning in to the midseason finale a few weeks ago. And Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead — an episodic adventure series that branches off from the comics — is a hit for fans and critics alike, winning multiple “Game of the Year” awards, including our own.

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darkronin2291883d ago

Doesn't look too hot, but hopefully the gameplay delivers.

NagaSotuva1883d ago

It's got one thing going for it -- zombies.

nofallouthero1883d ago

i hope the gameplay and choices are there thats all that matters

shreder071883d ago

I learned about this game from the site

frostyhat1231883d ago

This advertising is not completlety obvious at all

Mr_Fluffy1883d ago

Ladies and Gentlemen the time has come for MrFluffyD to arrive!

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