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Cloud Computing is Why the New SimCity Needs an Always-On Connection, Studio Says

Kotaku: "Maxis' Lucy Bradshaw has responded to this DRM food fight, sort of. Earlier comments on the always-on connection attributed it to the fact Maxis is building what it considers to be a multiplayer game. To this, Bradshaw adds the always-on connection is necessary because there's an enormous amount of cloud computing required to power this game, billed as the most advanced in SimCity's history. It's not something your individual PC will be able to handle on its own, not when the cloud servers are handling up to 100,000 Sims inside each city." (PC, SimCity)

The_Infected  +   562d ago
I wish they could use cloud computing to boost animations and A.I. in AAA games. Much better starting point doing this than streaming the full game like OnLive did.
aiBreeze  +   562d ago
Blame the cloud, lol good one!
Raf1k1  +   562d ago
The cloud computers are handling 100,000 sims per city for every player connected to them. It's likely going to be hundreds of players on a server so why can't my PC handle that for just the one player that's going to be on it?

Sounds to me like they're making excuses as usual.

If you want to play online then fine but there should be an offline mode as well. If my PC really can't handle 100,000 sims per city then give me 10,000 I really don't mind since I like to play city building games in single player and always have.
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ravinash  +   562d ago
A better way of doing it would be to put some kind of benefit to the game if you play on line.
Something like trade between cities of different players so people would want to play on line.

That way people are not forced to play on line and sometimes people can't always connect to the internet because of what ever problem, but they can still play their game.
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rainslacker  +   562d ago
I agree. Nothing against the online thing, as it's something people have wanted with the series, but to make it online only is just an excuse for DRM and to prevent piracy. I still play SimCity 4 all the time, and love it, but even with a stable internet connection, it doesn't mean I want my experience to be dependent on others. While it may be fun to do sometimes, I like making my cities and seeing them prosper because of what I do.
delboy  +   562d ago
Never bought a always online game, and never will.
They can spend my money how ever they feel like,no restrictions whatever.
So let me play games i bought how ever i like, whit or whitout Internet connection.
360ICE  +   562d ago
In fact, I spoke with a meteorologist and he asked that you stopped blaming clouds.
titans9999  +   562d ago
Damn this sucks, I was going to buy this game, but not now, i will be sticking with sim city 4 due to this DMR bullshit!!!!
m2stech  +   562d ago
I'm an introvert type of person and prefer playing offline so that other players' cities do not affect my cities, I prefer to build my adjacent cities by myself...What do you have to say about this maxis ?
KrisButtar  +   562d ago
you know this bugs me a game that i was looking forward to and likely my game of the year is now not playabel for me as i dont have internet in my home due to the sole fact that its not offered there, and with no internet you cant play this game
rainslacker  +   562d ago
I like playing SimCity on my notebook when I'm away, and a lot of the times I don't have good internet, so I may pass on this game as well. I'll have to wait and see how the online portion affects the single player experience of the other games, and hopefully I can remain an introvert and not have to think about others.

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