Nintendo Granted Patent for Multi-display Panorama View Feature on Wii U

Sarah Silbert:

Nintendo lays claim to one of the more advanced implementations of dual-display gaming; its Panorama View Feature lets you move around the Wii U controller to see a different perspective than what's shown on the external TV screen. The company was just granted a patent for this very technology, and the document goes into great detail about the gyrosensors used to determine the controller's change in position. It's a lot simpler in practice than in theory -- just take a glance at the image above or peek at our hands-on demo of the concept at E3 2012 (embedded below the break).

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Zhipp1758d ago

A patent that isn't completely retarded. I never thought I'd see the day...

Blackdeath_6631758d ago

i have to say while i don't like the idea of the patent (or patents in general) at least this one makes sense i can understand why nintendo would want to keep dual-screen panorama as a signature feature. lets hope nintendo make the most of it as patents have a tendency to limit a products potential to the creativity of just one company.

specialguest1758d ago

That's actually pretty cool. Knowing Nintendo, they'll actually use this neat function which is what matters at the end.

Septic1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Precisely. With Nintendo, you can almost always remain confident that not only will they utilise the tech, but also strive to use it in original and innovative ways.

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