Handheld gaming has lost its way

CVG writes:

"I adore handheld gaming. I have ever since I first laid eyes on the original Game Boy in 1990. Vita and 3DS? Both day-one purchases. So it pains me to admit that my interest in dedicated portable consoles has hit an all-time low."

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remanutd551945d ago

have some gamers lost their ways? lol, psvita has brought me back to handheld gaming, i love the system and the games.

GraveLord1945d ago

Same here. I can't believe portable-friendly Uncharted turned out to be. It actually makes sense dusting off the artifacts with the touchscreen or piecing together the maps and stuff. Fun stuff.

Soldierone1945d ago

I can't put my Vita down. If they keep releasing good games I love it. It actually brought me back into general gaming as a whole, instead of simple shooters non-stop lol

ritsuka6661945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

'Handheld gaming has lost its way

Not for Nintendo. I disagree with the statement saying Handheld market is dead, look at Resident Evil: Revelations and Mercenaries, OH and the 3DS has original games like KID ICARUS. What does sony have? Ports. I want games and Sony has always lacked games, sure they attract 3rd party developers but hardly have any good IP's. At least Nintendo makes sure to make quality games.Awn..

boybato1945d ago

humor me.
3ds year one,what was your games????

Baka-akaB1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

cue in the part when someone mention exclusive vita games that are worth it , but of course the retort that "those games still dont matter/ or not your fancy" will conveniently follow .

Not worth the hassle ...


Lol not worth the hassle .

Apollosupreme1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I own both and in the first year of the 3DS it was @#$%'in boring a hell from launch almost until the Christmas rush when finally we started getting some good stuff like Mario and the cart racer. What games were interesting in that boring window? Ports. Zelda and Star Fox come to mind and not much more. Steel Diver would have been a .99 cent game on a phone and Ghost Recon, while entertaining, clearly wasn't designed to put the 3DS' hardware(3D, the whole gimmick of the system that got me and many others to buy it) to the test.

I can objectively say that Sony's offering from launch through Christmas of it's first year is vastly more rich than what Nintendo brought to the table when they launched and ran through to Christmas. They also had the foresight to design the thing with a second stick. What Nintendo did only months after launch with that sloppy add-on stick insulted me. Sony's only downfall is the pricing during a time when many markets just aren't willing to splurge due to the economy. They got the early adopters but they weren't going to get the rest without either a price cut or major sales. Waiting for Christmas was too long in my opinion but whatever, I enjoyed mine since launch and I love the fact that almost all PS1 and PSP games are also at my disposal, along with the growing list of remote play PS3 titles. Then there is the Vita library itself which is surprising large and rich for a console less than a year old. Then you have their new mobile games section that has some fun fast gaming offerings.

You sound like a stereotypical fanboy. You don't own a Vita and you've barely used one if at all, admit it. This childish nerd system wars b.s. will always an annoyance but I don't understand it...

FriedGoat1945d ago

I too had both from launch, You are certainly correct. The Vita blows the 3ds out of the water.

As it currently stands I'm having a lot more fun with my Vita, 3DS is just gathering dust.

Kingthrash3601944d ago

I Had the same comment on another article, your right on.

CyborgNinjaGreyFox1945d ago

hand held gaming sales are going down the hill as we speak

Apollosupreme1945d ago

Gaming sales in general are going downhill. So what's your point?

BLuKhaos1945d ago

Retail sales maybe but digital sales are going up.

Kingthrash3601944d ago

Not only gaming, but the entertainment bis is suffering as a whole. Are economy is crippled and almost everything is feeling it, gamers will always love gaming on the go. Sales numbers can't determine what gamers want in today's economy. Almost all my friends who want a vita/3ds simply cant afford them right now.

NYC_Gamer1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I disagree,Nintendo is doing fine in the handheld market.

LOL_WUT1944d ago

Thats the only thing thats keeping Nintendo afloat ;)

Luke_fon_Fabre1945d ago

My favorite kind of gaming is handheld gaming.

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