Pick Up a 12GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim for Less Than £120

Push Square: "If your wallet’s flush with festive cash, you might want to consider blowing it on a cut-price PlayStation 3 Super Slim this holiday. The UK branch of online mega retailer Amazon is currently selling 12GB iterations of Sony’s premium platform for just £119.99. If that sells out, GAME has the same model discounted to a similarly impressive £125.00."

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GribbleGrunger1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Buy this, a Hard drive for £35 ( and treat yourself to a years subscription to PS+ for £30 and you'll never look back.

I mean, come on! 44 free games (including about 30 Vita games), Online storage, reduced prices, automatic updates, 500GB HDD and a PS3 for £185!!

... and then think of ALL those delicious exclusives we have for next year.

get2sammyb1971d ago

Spot on! With this offer, a bigger hard drive, and a year's worth of PS Plus, you're essentially getting 12 months of top gaming for less than £200! Such a bargain.

FunAndGun1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I agree....I just wouldn't use the 7200rpm. stick with factory default of 5400.

lol, also that is a 3.5" size. The PS3 takes standard 2.5" laptop drives. :)

ABizzel11971d ago

The 7200rpm does aid with loading, and install speeds a bit, but it also produce a few more HDD errors that are a tad annoying, but a simple fix.

The choice up to you though.

MikeMyers1971d ago

That's a good deal Gribble, and thank you for finally confirming that you work for Sony.

dazzrazz1971d ago

Have fun hammering that 3.5 inch drive into 2.5" PS3 bay !

ABizzel11971d ago

Here fixed it for him, and saved you some money ;D

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Knight_Crawler1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Super good deal! Its a shame that I don't like the new Super Slim design or I would have bought one.

I still have 2 fat PS3 one that includes Backward compatible and all the memory card readers but they Blu Rey disk drive does not work on either.

Sony should release a piano black slim special edition of the launch model that included everything that was taken away from it...would sell like hot cakes.

tigertron1971d ago

I love the title. "For less than £120". Yeah, by a penny.