Gamesradar-The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Preview

GR:Telltale Games isn't the only developer making games based on the insanely popular Walking Dead franchise. Developer Terminal Reality is also working on a first-person shooter based on AMC's The Walking Dead television show. Players will take on the role of Daryl Dixon (the show's crossbow-carrying survivalist) as he and his brother Merle attempt to survive the initial outbreak of undead.

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tigertron1941d ago

We need a trailer and a release date.

Double_Oh_Snap1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Currently looks really bad imo. Not just graphically either just bad. It is Activision though, so I shouldn't have expected much.

Belking1941d ago

Im sure it's not the final build. It's not all about looks though. Telltale's version doesn't look all that good but it's enjoyable. The game will sell because people love these types of games.

tigertron1941d ago

Thanks for the link.

The trailer looks so-so. The screen tearing is horrible, but apparently it's not the final build. Hopefully they'll have sorted that out at least.

Abdou231941d ago

It's just Activision wants to milk the Name ( just the thing they only know )

jeeves861941d ago

I want to be hopeful for this, I really do. But everything that I've seen so far is not helping. I know it's still relatively early on in development, just looks bad.

*crosses fingers* here's hoping that I'm wrong.