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Submitted by Valay 1136d ago | news

Media Create hardware sales (12/17 - 12/23)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan, featuring huge sales of the 3DS LL and 3DS. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Jadedz  +   1136d ago
Good 3DS numbers
Wii U numbers... pretty decent.
knifefight  +   1136d ago
You can also see the software numbers here:

The PSP has officially outsold the Vita this year in Japan, while Animal Crossing has now outsold NSMB2. Crazy stuff going on.
Jadedz  +   1136d ago
Thanks for the link.
pedroyamato   1136d ago | Spam
UltraVegito  +   1136d ago
3ds is doing so well it's terrifying lol seriously o-o

The Wii U...erhm dropped decent numbers i guess,sadly i expect a drop in those numbers starting jan.

The Vita i was hoping to hit 40-50k but 21k? That's a pretty bad needs to act on this and fast.

Things are gonna get ugly in Q1
Christopher  +   1136d ago
They need the third-party IPs. Especially JRPGs. And not another remake of P4.
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ronin4life  +   1136d ago
I can't actually speak for what wiiU sales mean for the system, but in comparison to vita (bear with me here please) I have this link:

Someone should find week 2/3 comparisons for last gen consoles, as those are better for comparison.
Nevertheless... The reason I point this out is to give a certain perspective for both Vita(mostly) and WiiU: Japan is a Hand-held dominated region. The WiiU is outperforming Vita at this point in thier respective lives(ifs I gots mah maths right...>.>) despite this regional distinction.

Edit: this is much better than the other link, as it has ps3 and vita numbers:
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ritsuka666   1136d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
wiiulee  +   1136d ago
here wiiu go....steady 100's on the way to a million.....vita must hate the psp, little brother always beating its should just fold the vita in and actually come up with innovation and uniqueness next time instead of just graphics
majiebeast  +   1136d ago
Psvita is far more innovative then the 3ds which is just a ds with 3D no1 uses because it cause's headaches.
Gemmol  +   1136d ago
funny part of u writing that statement is that you just made a whack system in your workds aka 3ds look better then the you keep saying bad things about it you making your system look bad that it is losing in other words Vita trying to hard and 3ds barely have to do anything and it still should be a new slogan......I will get me a 3ds next year tho, I gotta help the sales since only games I want are on the 3ds, unless sony can change my mind....but i remember a article regretting they made the game for the vita cuz it did not sell well in japan so i dnt kno they seem to lose 3rd party
Godchild1020  +   1136d ago
Those are some great numbers coming from the Vita. A much needed increase from last week. Almost a 33% sales increase. Those numbers should so go up after the holidays, when all those games start coming out.

The Wii U still going strong after it's release and that's good to see. It goes to show how strong Nintendo is in Japan. I can't wait to see how Japan reacts to the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft.
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CommonSenseGamer  +   1136d ago
For real? great numbers?
Godchild1020  +   1136d ago
Why do you replay to me? They are great numbers compared to last week. The Vita seen a 33% percent increase over last week and that is a great thing, when it hasn't really seen those numbers this year.

It's stupid of me to state the obvious every week and that is the 3Ds is selling gangbusters in Japan. It's nice to see something out of the ordinary every once and a while.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1136d ago
suggesting those as great numbers just because they are 33% higher than last week is just plain wrong. Given the time of year they are abysmal. Not even Sony would claim it as great.
Knushwood Butt  +   1136d ago
To be honest, they aren't great at all. They are OK at best.

Vita had an AKB48 game (er, not my thing, but..) and Black Ops Declassified exclusive release that week, yet sales didn't really increase much.

Now, PSP getting a week on week increase of about 100% is pretty great, and PSP is a nice little cash cow at this point in its life.

Realistically, Vita will have to wait for Soul Sacrifice before we see some good sales figures in Japan.
boybato  +   1136d ago
This shit is really getting out of hand
My only message for real gamers out there is that...

Buying a vita is probably like buying a Wii U. It seems stupid until you get one and then you realize there are gaming experiences you can't have elsewhere.(and vice versa)

Now lets get along
Gemmol  +   1136d ago
no it dont feel like the Wii U, I played one it seem like a playstation 3 a little, its like a sony set up that we are used to....and the Wii U is something different it may be a game system but when you play around with feels like something new.....and just so you do not see me bias I only had a ps3 before I recently got my Wii U so i do not have any Wii games or 3ds system
chukamachine  +   1136d ago
I'm going to agree with boybato.

I bought my son a 3ds xl for xmas, he already has a vita.

Vita has a better screen, controls are good on both, built quality looks better on vita, although 3ds still looks good.

Camera is close, but vita gets the nod again.

Graphics are much better on vita.

People buy 3ds for Mario,zelda etc.

For all else, vita.

And what is with the stupid codes to add friends, Nintendo is so far behind for mp it's unreal.
ronin4life  +   1136d ago
Considering the 3ds has more games lined up til March than the Vita has lined up til 2014, and not a single one is a Mario or Zelda game, I'd say that assessment is a load of crap.

@ Godchild
The Vita is not doing good, and this week has done little to change that position. That doesn't mean it is going to fail of course, but every week of relatively low sales and minor/no future game announcements makes its position worse and worse.

And lets not forget; those "big" upcoming titles(I assume you are referring to Japan here, as their Q1 lineup has more titles) Is composed mainly of psp MP titles and remakes. The only major exclusive releases in this period are A 3ds game series spin-off and Soul sacrifice, a monster hunter type game just recently spared the fate of having to go up against MH4. What's more, there is little of anything after that.

Things look, if we are to make a guess, ready to stay the same. That means Vita will stay afloat, but it doesn't look like its position will change anytime soon.(which is important for game release outlooks, as it is unlikely to get more support in this kind of situation)
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Godchild1020  +   1136d ago
You and CommonSenseGamer are right. The Vita sales are terrible and the 3Ds line up will overshadow the Vita's line up next year. But that doesn't mean I can't be optimistic of the situation. None of the 3DS games have stopped the PSP, PS3, Wii U or 360 games from selling, so why would it stop people from buying Vita games.

While a lot of the games coming out next year, are enhance ports, that doesn't stop it from being a game that could potential help the Vita sell more units.

I'm not going to say; Oh wait, it's going to do better, so stop talking bad about it. I'm just saying, ports are not, it's getting third party support and that is a step in the right direction.

The 3DS is too far ahead for the Vita to catch up and if Sony didn't ditch UMDs or had cards in the first place, I'm sure the Vita would have been selling better. That is Sony's mistake and that will forever haunt them until the PSP stops selling or maybe long after.

I know the sales are bad and I can admit that. I just rather have an optimistic look on it, than a well, it's another bad week for the Vita, so it might be time to right it off. I didn't do it with the 3DS at launch (It wasn't as bad as the Vita, but people made it see like it was) nor did I do it with the Dreamcast. Just like anyone here, their system is an investment and no one likes to hear their investment is going bad. Also, worldwide, it might be doing better, not 3DS better, but better than just only seeing Japan's numbers.
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ronin4life  +   1136d ago
That's true I suppose. ^.^
wiiulee  +   1136d ago
and there is no comparing vita to're comparing the vita a dying platform to wiiu winner of this next generation...wiiu will pass vita's lifetime soon...and consoles in japan usually already drop below 100k sales after the second week of data...wiiu is still over 100k...notice i said consoles not wiiu despite haters is where it should be..

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