PS Vita: Year In Review And A Look Ahead At 2013

"PS Vita was such a promising hardware but failed to deliver due to plenty of reasons, be it the games or the general price of the system which was beyond plenty of people’s reach."

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RandomDude6551879d ago

So now we're talking about Vita in the past tense?.........ok

It's like 2007 all over again.

ABizzel11879d ago

Uncharted Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
Wipeout 2048
Tales from Space
Jet Set Radio
Final Fantasy Tatics (PSP)

All free for PS+ owners to play on their Vita as well as all the free PS1 and PSP games that you can find if you browse those sections.

Little BIg Planet Vita
PlayStation Allstars
Assassin's Creed Liberation
Everybody's Golf
Escape Plan
Hustle Kings
Shinobido 2
Super Stardust Delta
Unit 13

EVERY FIGHTING GAME PORT (Marvel vs. Capcom 3, SF X Tekken, MK, Blaz Blue...)
Persona 4 Golden
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Rayman Origins
Ninja Gaiden Sigma + (although ported way too many times)
Plants vs. Zombies

And a few more good games all made made up the best part of the Vita's library this year. Preach the no good games to yourself. People who actually played Vita had tons to play, maybe not immediately after launch, but picking up a VIta now (Black Friday @ amazon was the best bet), means you have a great little handheld with a solid library of games. The handheld isn't selling as well as it could or should giving it games and tech, but the handheld is far better than a C- for 2012.

B- at worst. Stop basing your junk on sales, and be a real journalist and tell people why they NEED to buy a Vita. Strong sales is good for the industry and good for development.

avengers19781879d ago

I really like the vita, My only real disappoint from being a day one buyer was that now they have different colors, and I would prefer to have a blue one instead of a black one. As far as games go it's well amazing, plus the screen quality is top notch, watching hd content on the vita is just great. The youtube, and netflix app on vita run really well... In my experience even better than they run on my PS3. I am looking forward to Soul Sacrifice, and I want a bioshock, a killzone, and infamous for the vita...
Soundshapes, Stardust, and unit 13 take up my vita game time now.

Give the Vita a chance, get a hold of one, play the games... and you will see it's a great device... They should sell it 179.99, even though I fell i got my money's worth at full price the day it came out.
INTERNAL MEMORY would have made it sell better... 16gigs and 32 gigs versions( i agree the memory price is a bit much )

JoGam1879d ago

I give the Vita a B+ for 2012. Looking for a better 2013. Happy Gaming People!

RandomDude6551879d ago

Everyone's buying it as a blur-ray player

-Falaut-1879d ago

Its true, I bought two just to play blu-rays. And I bought my Vita for the exact same thing. ...i didz...

stage881879d ago

It doesn't even have achievements.

kayoss1879d ago

I highyly doubt you spend $400+ on two PS3 just for the blu-ray when you can spend less than $100 for each stand alone blu-ray with network connection and netflix. If you did then you are an idiot and you wouldnt be on a gaming website if you didnt play games on your ps3.

stage881879d ago

You don't get it, do you. Read the comments again. *facepalm*

HarryMasonHerpderp1879d ago

"Overall it was a forgettable year for the Vita owner"

Speak for yourself.

MizTv1879d ago

I had alot of good gaming on my vita in 2012
And it will only get better

MizTv1879d ago

I'm very happy with my vita
I have been playing psabr like crazy

vlonjati771879d ago

hey Miz,ive oreder it online Ps3 version(vita code included) cant wait to play it,lonng time i abandoned fighting games(tekken used to be my fav,beside Mortal Kombat) i know im gonna get a$$kicked online,but i wanna have fun i couldnt say no to this game.bought 2 copies $30 each (just to support the developer)

P.s as always I never comment more then once on the same comment anyone that feels like disagreeing with me,i dont care.important is that I agree with me :) have a nice day a$$ kikers LOL

OmniSlashPT1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

WHen you think of the best handheld games of the year, you think Soundshapes, Gravity Rush, Uncharted Golden Abyss, AC3 Liberation, Virtues Last Reward, Persona 4 Golden...not even one 3DS game, but somehow, the Vita has no games and the 3DS is that supreme, divine device that overshadows the Vita. In sales, yeah, pretty much, but in quality, both software and hardware wise? absolutely not.

But I guess it's the effect Sony has suffered since the release of the PSP. It was dead, doomed. Somehow it sold millions (and still sells). Then there was the PS3, overpriced, no games, a fail. Somehow it has delivered the best games of this gen and sold the same as the 360. Now we have the Vita. And I imagine when they announce the PS4, even if it is something amazing delivered by the gods themselves, everyone will hate it, write doom articles and repeat the cycle.

And the worse is that Sony is still dumb enough to continue with horrible marketing strategies and moves instead of doing what they did in the past, deliver.

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