Naughty Dog has very "exciting" news for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

According to Naughty Dog´s Christmas greetings, they have exciting news for Uncharted 3´s Multiplayer as well more content around the start of 2013.

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Ezz20131972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

put joel skin from the last of us in uncharted3 MP
do it ND

Thatguy-3101971d ago

They should have put this much effort to the single player instead. Oh well hopefully they learn from it and go back to what they did in Uncharted 2.

kingPoS1971d ago

I miss the re-playability options like the screen filters & character swaps ect. I'm sure others miss them too.

KwietStorm1971d ago

What was wrong with the single player in Uncharted 3? I see so many people criticize the game just because. What was so much better, or even different, in Uncharted 2?

ChronoJoe1971d ago

@KwietStorm Story was better because it was somewhat original, Uncharted 3 is almost a repeat of Uncharted 2s plot, just with desert instead of snow. Uncharted 3 is also about 2 hours shorter. UC3 also had issues with controls in SP, which were patched about 3 months later.

Not a bad game at all though. Just not as good as UC2, with that said the MP in UC3 is a lot better.

GuyThatPlaysGames1971d ago

I agree. But then again, they are just gonna run this series into the ground. I guess that's the new way of game development.

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showtimefolks1971d ago

i know many will hate me for saying this but give me a 15-20hrs single player story with online co-op as is and that would be better for Uncharted series.

but since its ND they pay as much attention to both speacts story and online so any game they make is a day one for me.

when rockstar games or Nd announce something its a day one buy for sure for me

Enemy1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I'd rather see Jak and Daxter.

As for the 2 and 3 comparisons, I'll say each has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, 3 had a better main villain.

majiebeast1972d ago

Multplayer portion of uncharted 3 is going free to play i bet.

Welshy1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

(Edit: There were more disagrees than agrees at the time of posting =P)

I don't know why you're getting disagree'd here.

Killzone 3 done it and there are ALOT of little micro-transactions available for UC3 on the store with costumes, guns, perks etc.

If the trend of 1st party multiplayers going F2P continues and the micro-transactions are anything to go by, i'd say it's a pretty reasonable suggestion.

This would keep the Naughty Dog name "out there" and fresh in peoples minds for some Last Of Us news coming soon too? Like Ezz2013 said above, a Joel skin being put in for free is a good bit of free advertising too =P

Ducky1971d ago

KZ3 just has a multiplayer demo/trial. It isn't really F2P.

I've been expecting UC3 for quite some time now, seeing as how ND seems to be copying the same steps as TF2.

Irishguy951971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

The way Sony worded it sounded as if Killzone multi was going F2P. The Press ate it up and spewed out something that wasn't true and was never even said, for some odd reason, Sony representives said "F2P trial". It was simply a trial/demo. It's free? Sure it is, trails and Demos are free aren't they? However "F2P" has a certain meaning in this day and age. They should have known better than to use that phrase or they should have at least come out and corrected the mistake, the shoudl have eitehr said "Trial" or "demo" and never F2P. The fact that KZ3 multi is not actually F2P has Not once gotten an article or apology from websites saying they were wrong. A bit disgraceful imo as some people still think it's F2P.

Also agree with everyone below. UN2 Multi pwns UN3. I loved number 2's multi since the Beta all that time ago.(feels old)

Walker1972d ago

MEH ... Uncharted 2`s Multiplayer was much beter than U3, IMO .

Root1972d ago

So true :)

Uncharted 2 was about skill

Uncharted 3 is about gimmicks like whats in all multiplayer games these days which try to do what COD has done...killstreaks/kickbacks, upgradable perks/boosters, weapon mods, loadouts.

It has a classic mode now but still, it should of been in the game from the start, we asked for it,. they give us Hardcore mode which was nothing like U2.

I like ND but sometimes they don't listen, they change the stuff which dosen't need to be fixed and leave the stuff which does need to be fixed/changed.

Welshy1972d ago

As much as i enjoyed UC3, the online aspect of UC2 grabbed me alot more too. Me and my buddy put hundreds of hours into that mode.

UC3 was alright online, but felt too "Gears Of War" for me, and all the COD-esque little perks, power ups and weapon load-outs kind of take that experience away for me =/

Jaces1971d ago

Agreed 100%, but I did enjoy the maps in 3 a lot more. Man that desert city with the sandstorm, sheer awesomeness; we need more MP maps like that where the environment is ever changing.

isarai1971d ago

Not to mention they completely fucked up Co-op modes, my main gripe being that there is no headshots in co-op arena

RELIGHT1971d ago

Agreed. I felt like UC2 MP required skill and the good players always won whereas in UC3 MP it seems like any noob can get lucky and win. UC3 MP has some of the most frustrating moments in any MP I've ever experienced.

tack1291971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I am an avid lover of the Uncharted multiplayer. While I did not play the UC2 while it was in beta phase I bought and played it a day after Christmas when it was at patch 1.02. I loved it and I kept playing it a lot. I made a lot of friends from that game too. The co-op, the MP, the graphics. I freaking loved it.

When patch 1.05 hit for UC2 however. It forever completely ruined the MP for me. They made some very stupid mistakes with that patch that has made people leave. Luckily it didn't hurt the co-op part of the MP but a lot of Uncharted Veterans were very angry.

If UC2 didn't make such a drastic change, I probably might still be playing it. UC3 has classic mode now, I'm sticking to that if I want to play UC2. Yeah it should have been in there from the start. Not hardcore mode.

ChronoJoe1971d ago

Uncharted 2 was fine prior to the patch that reduced health / increased damage. After that they pretty much killed the game, half the community just up and left.

Uncharted 3 has higher health / lower damage so it's better in that regard, but the kickbacks and such are obviously an annoyance. I don't mind the ones that give power weapons because they're attainable in the match anyway, but quickboom is a free kill and pretty much unavoidable, it's unfair.

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Jacobster1972d ago

Oh great they are excited about extracting more money out of us by bringing out a pink baseball cap for Sully? Please this director of UC3 needs to work for Activision.

Welshy1972d ago

I like the part where you jump the gun on the yet unannounced "exciting news" and go ahead berate ND for something they haven't done or as much a said.

shammgod1972d ago

I liked the part where his comment ended and I no longer had to read any more of his garbage

Jacobster1971d ago

I berate it for very good reason having loved UC2 to death then being let down with quite a few things on UC3. Reason 1, I bought the season pass and the definition of map-pack meaning plural as you would expect was forgotten in one of the offerings. Reason 2, UC3 is very heavily based on micro-transactions and its laughable that the lead director apologised for this in a joking way! Reason 3, UC3 continued DLC almost straight away after the season pass ended and if you total the amount of items it actually totals up to more than the actual RRP. Should I go on?

Don't get me wrong I think ND is fantastic and I am looking forward to the Last of Us, I just think the people in charge in UC3 multiplayer do not represent what ND stands and that really annoys me!

Welshy1971d ago

Once again @Jacobster, you're missing the point.

They are talking about "exciting news" in the new year, and you go on a tangent about the micro-transactions.

You're off topic at best and trolling ND at the worst.

This article has 0% to do with current UC3 multiplayer, this is about future news.

Jacobster1971d ago

First of all I am not trolling which seems to be the reply to any objective or any critical analysis.

I quote: "At the front Uncharted 3, we recently announced the contents of Christmas and we still have more content for the new year. Additionally, we have really exciting about the multiplayer for early next year. "

I wouldn't actually call this link an article more of a quotation from ND.

So my abstraction is justified from the above paragraph

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vlonjati771971d ago

Jacobster - many like you complain about developers milking us(not me).I guess you are the cow.Personally I am a single player guy,I play online only gt5 and starting from tomorrow I will try PSASBR.Anyone can spend their money the way they want.I never spend my money on avatars skins and crap like that(i can afford to buy anything I want),it doesnt make sense TO ME.But everyone like to buy what they want,i dont mind.please dont compare UC with COD.

Jacobster1971d ago

First of all there is no need to use an Ad hominem as this is just pointless and makes your claim even weaker. How I see it, yes I was complaining because I paid significant money into the game (being UC3) and as a buying customer I need to see the benefit of the product purchase together with the add-ons (basic marketing principles).

Yes that's fine you just play single-player that is your own choice and I tend to complete all single-players as this for me is the added benefit I was talking about.

Again anyone can buy anything you are right, but I am simply comparing the basic model of how a company makes money, like I could say Android and ITunes share the same model of providing apps to make MONEY. All software companies are there to make money and it is naive to turn an eye to that. So it is fair for me to say ND use a similar pricing model to COD. They're not the same game and I would NEVER claim that.

blackblades1972d ago

They been supporting this for long time, to bad other can't do want they do.

TronEOL1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

And all Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer DLC (Maps, characters, powers, weapons, map hazards, enemies, etc) was free. So... yeah. More developers should do what they do.

Rockefellow1971d ago

...did you have a stroke or something?

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