Michael Shanks' Unedited Voice in the Cancelled Stargate Game

PtoPOnline is continuing their coverage of the cancelled Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance with a short, unedited clip of Michael Shanks as Thor, plus the rest of SG-1.

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SnakeCQC1941d ago

this game would have been soooooo awesome i miss stargate :(

freezola751941d ago

I too miss Stargate.. one of my favorite shows.. would have been nice to see this game materialize in to something for gamers..

SnakeCQC1940d ago

i hope modders find the original stuff the devs were working on, finish and release it. I dont get my disagrees

3-4-51940d ago

ahh man this makes me miss the show even more now. We needed RDA in a video game.

Conzul1940d ago

I miss SG so much....