Wii U Screen Protector Comparison (PowerA, PDP, HORI, Penguin United)

Here’s a comparison between all the screen protectors that Gametista was able to find around the local stores including Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Fry’s Electronics.

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Hatsune-Miku1979d ago ShowReplies(7)
lilbroRx1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I like this. My biggest problem with my PSP was that it had so many nicks and scratches on it do to the lack of a screen cover. The DS had natural screen protection so I didn't have that problem with it.

Screen covers are a great investment.

Firebird3601979d ago

I've tried the hori and powerA, both good but hori is by far easier to install and is unnoticeable to the eye. I also got hori for my 3dsxl and it's just as good, they really make great products.

boybato1979d ago

Screen protectors with self healing properties are a recommendation for products that fashion a resistive screen.

OneAboveAll1979d ago

I don't use a screen protector. I just happen to take good care of my things.

ChickeyCantor1979d ago

Exactly. My DS which is older than 5 years doesn't have a scratch on it whatsoever.

What do people do with it?

NintendoGal1979d ago

While I take great/wonderful care of my things, accidents can happen to the best of us. That's why the things I really care about (read: pay tons of $$$ for) are protected.