Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita has a JP release date

STFUandPlay's Rikuson1 writes "Phantasy Star Online 2 official website for Playstation Vita version of the game has a word on the JP release date of the game."

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fantasygamer1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Looks Good and I like the fact that Toro and Kuro are making an appearance and kicking some butt.

-Mika-1945d ago

I can't wait for this.THis is why I like the vita. It powerful enough to handle this game. If we was stuck with only the 3ds. It wouldn't be possible to play this. This is why we need the vita. Seriously if you don't have one. Go out and buy it. It amazing.

bwazy1945d ago

Man, even when you're not trolling you're pretty much trolling.

KangarooSam1945d ago

You like the Vita now?! What the ****.

ThanatosDMC1944d ago

Lol! Funniest comment i've seen on Christmas. Bubbles for you.

ChickeyCantor1944d ago

And why isn't it possible on the 3DS?
You're so full of yourself.

Tultras1944d ago

Because the 3DS isn't powerful enough.

ChickeyCantor1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


In what aspect?
It handled Monsterhunter 3, and Monsterhunter 4 looks even better (also Gameplay wise).

Unless you have absolute truth to what you say, please provide evidence.

cmpunk531944d ago


Why there is no 3ds version then? Don't you think Sega would profit more on the 3ds than the PS Vita?

joeorc1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

"And why isn't it possible on the 3DS?
You're so full of yourself."

the most likely culprit is the video ram the Nintendo 3ds and the 3ds's system ram.

both of which my in the face of it just frankly may not be enough. the Nintendo 3ds has 128 MB of total system ram, and 6MB of dedicated video ram.

While The PSVita has 512 MB of system Ram, and 128 MB of dedicated Video ram. Though the Game is mostly server based back end , the CPU and GPU chipset's in each platform could indeed have an effect or what type of game you would end up with.

The other problem is the 3DS is running dual core Arm 11 for the 3DS for its CPU running each core at less than 500 MHz per core, which is not bad in the 3DS along with it's Pica 200 single core GPU.

The key thing is, with only 6 MB of dedicated video ram and 128 MB of system ram, the current asset's this game may use it may have been too much system requirements for the 3DS to be able to handle the game as it is made now.

That would or could not outright mean that there may be a way to make one work, just look at the orig.

PSP it has near the same as the 3DS. 2 core 333 Mhz MIPS core chips and 4 MB or dedicated Video ram for the MIPS 4000 GPU that the PSP use's and look at the results it was able to attain with just 32 MB or ram and 64 MB of system ram!

The 3DS is more powerful than the Orig. PSP but both the PSP and the Nintendo 3DS are no where near the level of Hardware that is in the PSVita.

Not to say they are not fantastic gaming machines. its just the gap between them is just far too large. which is why the game may be only be able to be ran on the PSVita Since there is a 128 MB of dedicated Video ram! vs just 4 and 6 MB? that's a gap that's just too large in my opinion.

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ritsuka6661944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I have 3DS and the graphics are great, slightly better than the PS Vita. But the 3DS is no lie full immersive 3D, which is truly amazing. And the fact there's better games on the 3DS and the 3DS has outsold the Vita by a ratio of 6:1... Get the 3DS people, you'll have more fun than Vita.

joeorc1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

"I have 3DS and the graphics are great, slightly better than the PS Vita"

In a game? it can, depending on what game you are talking about, that is like saying Resident Evil has better graphic's than say Lemmings, no duh!

It does not How ever take away from the fact the Nintendo 3DS while a great system cannot and will never be able to out do on a hardware Level what the PSVita can do.

That is a fact and to imply that it the Nintendo 3DS can outperform the hardware level thats in the PSVita is sheer bias.

While the Nintendo 3DS may be fun and its games may be fantastic, that is an opinion that's all, other People may not find the 3DS to their liking as they do with the PSP. sales for the 3DS may be 6:1 that does not mean A: the PSVita is not or cannot be a viable offering for people's need's for Gaming or B: that you will have more fun with the Nintendo 3DS over the entertainment of the PSVita with its Game's , because that is subjective for each person.

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sitharrefus1945d ago

Can not wait for this specially for the vita and PC, this game will take my life away for a while!!!!!!!!! US version Needs to be here ASAP

TongkatAli1945d ago

I love the name of this site.

izumo_lee1944d ago

Seriously, gamers these days are so fixated on sales to justify an argument rather than play the games they are interested in.

Getting back on topic, i loved the Phantasy Star Portable games which sort of simulates an online game so being able to (possibly) try this is exciting. Been hearing some good things about the game so it will be interesting.

zgoldenlionz1945d ago

I sure hope this isn't region locked, I just got a 32gb memory card from my wife for Christmas and I plan on putting my old memory card to good use.

Snookies121944d ago

That would be great, if the Vita didn't randomly throw all your bubbles everywhere when you switch memory cards... That's my biggest complaint. I have an 8 gig card that's useless right now, because I hate having to reorganize my stuff every time I switch cards. Not to mention it gets rid of all your wallpapers as well.

I wish Sony would get on that and fix it...

r211944d ago

YES, I hate that i have to go through so many things just to switch accounts. Sony better release a patch that allows switching via memory cards.

zgoldenlionz1944d ago

Oh wow I never heard of that, thanks for the heads up.

Ddouble1944d ago

There's also a special retail version coming out so it might be easier to import and play on your normal account but I don't know if the game will only let japanese accounts to play.

hkgamer1944d ago

best to switch accounts around imo. the retail version probably has most of the content as dlc so you probably wont get your mneys worth.

so use a spare memory card for japanese account and have a quick play around whilst you wait for an international release

TheLastGuardian1944d ago

Same here. I got a 32 GB card for Christmas after going six months using a 4 GB card. So much better. I'm gonna use my old card to download JP demos.

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