GameRevolution's Top 25 PC Games

Many of the most important developments in video gaming history have derived from PC lineage. The platform is home to tens of thousands of titles, several of which have raised the bar for what games can offer. So which are they?

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JonnyBigBoss1975d ago

It's crazy how much history PC had. Even crazier is that I've played all these games.

alexcosborn1975d ago

From Solitaire to Half-Life 2, the platform covers it all!

dedicatedtogamers1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

The fact that they didn't list games/series' such as Ultima, Xcom, or Wing Commander makes me wonder how long the folks at GameRevolution have been PC gamers...

50% of the games they listed came out within the last 10 years or less.

dbjj120881975d ago

All excellent picks. Love solitaire!

SolidGear31975d ago

Didn't read but Doom best have a high point on the list or I'm calling shenanigans ^_^

landog1975d ago

man there are some amazing games on that list

love to see some true remakes of some of the classics

Baldurs gate with the witcher 2 engine

deus ex on unreal 4

knights of the old rebublic on cryengine 3

ahh....ohh well, most of those games have some decent mods to support newer, higher resolutions at least

pc is an awesome platform!

knifefight1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Man, I remember first hearing about EverQuest.
My brother was like "This game NEVER ENDS" and I was like "Shut uuuuup it has to!" XD