Dead Space 3 - 'The Story So Far' Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Dead Space 3, in which we get to see how did Isaac get caught in up in a battle with the Necromorph plague."

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Adexus1947d ago

Really looking forward to this, think I'll play through the first two again just before it arrives.

Welshy1947d ago

Pack some spare boxer shorts for the sh*ts and some Kleenex Man-size to wipe away tears of horror thinking about the potential horrors of the next corridor.

OT: I love this franchise alot, i really hope it turns out great and doesn't go all Mass Effect or Army Of Two on us with the gameplay =/

Knight_Crawler1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I do not get it...if all the markers are destroyed and hidden and Clark is the only blue print to build one then why is going to this icy place to learn how to destroy them?

Shouldn't he just take one for humanity and jump into an active volcano - this way no more markers are made.

Welshy1947d ago

Well than that would just plain suck for the Dead Space franchise wouldn't it =P

Merrill1946d ago

Dead Space 2 was a huge step backwards for the franchise and 3 looks to continue that trend. It's very unfortunate because Dead Space 1 is one of my favourite games this gen and now it's an action shooter/with some horror elements; too bad :(

Adexus1946d ago

Implying that the first one wasn't an action horror, you're a walking tank in both games with all the weapons you have, and the second game had some epic moments.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1947d ago

i'm not saying dead space 3 isn't scary, because i know it is for alot of people, but i consider myself to be a pretty big wimp when it comes to scary movies and things, but i had no problem playing dead space alone in a dark basement. it just wasn't scary for me, not saying i didn't have a ton of fun with it, it just wasnt scary

Conzul1946d ago

It gave me a few good jumps, but after the first few mins it wasn't too scary. Until near the end when you meet that one enemy that grows back when you kill it and chases you through till the end of the game....Now that was a bit "pulse-pounding", as they say.

Certz1946d ago

I did not jump at all during my first playthrough until the very end. That shit scared me so bad I screamed! :p

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JasonKCK1947d ago

the only game from ea i want 2 play