Mobile Suit Gundam Online Opens, Gets a Big Trailer

Mobile Suit Gundam Online started its official service today, and of course it’s Japan only, leaving all the western fans of the white Mobile Suit that started the “Real Robot” Anime tradition high and dry and with very slim hopes for a localization.

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Xof1910d ago

Is this any different than the crappy, free Mobile Ops online game from last Summer?

ATi_Elite1910d ago

Wow....I rather play Hawken!!!

CBaoth1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

that's almost an insult to Hawken. Did you watch that explosion at the 2:23 mark? It's like a PS2 timeloop. And before anyone yells at me about gameplay over graphics, A) this is PC, and B) you know we can have both, right?

tarbis1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

I want me a Gouf or Gelgood. SIEG ZEON! SIEG ZEON! SIEG ZEON! I want that Apsalus. =D

Hicken1909d ago

One thing that always turned me off to Zeon suits were the names. Most of them were so awkward.

I AM a fan of the Rick Dom, though.

1909d ago
modesign1909d ago

Dear gamers, if you want a MMOFPS that doesnt look like trash and is FREE, get planetside 2.