Forza Horizon January Car Pack Includes Fast Cars… and a Van

Timely like death and taxes Forza Horizon is going to get a new DLC car pack on January the 1st.

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Welshy1940d ago

Forza is a great racing title, i haven't tried Horizon yet, but Forza 4 was great.

What busts my nuts though is these small car packs that release bit at a time.

Sure you pay less at any one time, but it's pure profit for the publishers in the long run if you want to buy it all.

Think of buying a can of Pepsi or buying a 12 pack on a promotion. MW3 done this "content drop" stuff too.

Just release things in decently priced, good sized bundles please, what use do we have have for these small bundles that give us small bursts of content for near twice the burn on your wallet for the long run.

likeaboss3021940d ago

Well they did just drop a whole Rally part of the game which clocked in around 1GB.

Kalowest1940d ago

LMFAO, the Van didn't even try to race.

likeaboss3021940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

LOL, the creeper van. Horizon is a great casual racing game.