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Free to play MMO releases this Feb on vita

Sega has announced that free to play MMO will be released in february.The year 2013 is looking a lot better for the vita now.

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Community1734d ago
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Septic1734d ago

Hope so.

This could be the killer app the VITA needs

brickcap1734d ago

Not yet:(.I am keeping my fingers crossed for it though since both the psp games were localized.

pandatomsk1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Yet yet.

Western release confrimed was confirmed back in July. Release date yet to be determined.

brickcap1734d ago

That is for the pc version.I know it is the same game but I do not feel comfortable until sega officially announces the vita version for the west.I think the E3 next year will bring some good news hopefully.

pandatomsk1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Nowhere does it specify "for PC" in the entire press release, so it's just as likely that they're bringing the vita version over as well. If it WERE just a PC announcement, they would definitely make that clear. Yet, they only state that Phantasy Star Online 2 (as a whole) will be available in western regions as well. IF they were not sure about bringing the vita version over too, this is where you would SAY THAT, so as to not further muddy the waters and cause consumer confusion. it's basic business 101.
To even think that they'd leave the portable, cross-playable version of the same game in japan is foolish, especially considering it's the weakest market for the vita. AND the least likely to spend bucket loads on f2p nonsense they dont need. Japan is the least likely to spend money for digital content whether it be games, dlc, or ingame items. why leave a f2p game like that in a single region? everyone knows americans (of which I am one) love spending money on things that aren't real or tangible (again, of which i am an eager participator). make sense much?

abc12331733d ago

"Over ten years have passed since the release of the boundary-breaking Dreamcast hit, Phantasy Star Online, and SEGA is poised to continue the Phantasy Star series’ multiplayer legacy on PCs worldwide with Phantasy Star Online 2"

I dunno, it would be interesting to see this on the vita.

Kamikaze1351734d ago

Was the Vita version even announced when the localization announcement was made? Anyway, I'm pretty sure they were just talking about the PC release. The Vita has a small install base in the US so it makes no sense to release it on the Vita just yet.

Godchild10201734d ago

The install base is bigger in the US, than it is in Japan. So, it does make sense to release it in the US, because it will be download only. FTP MMO's have been successful on the PS3, so I don't see why it won't be on the Vita. That is according to SOE, the people who brought us Free Realms and DC Universe.

brickcap1734d ago

^ In that case it would be cool.Personally I can't wait to play that game.I will probably have it both on my pc and my vita.Thanks for the link.

Chrono1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I'm waiting for the international release of the PC version (next month)!

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